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"Being a true English major is knowing a little bit about everything, always wanting to learn more and being able to use the knowledge that you have to analyze, interpret, draw conclusions and make verifiable arguments in a way that no one else has before." --Madelaine Hoptry '12 

Why study English? 

Students in English develop strong skills in critical thinking, analysis, written communication, research and reading--skills that are essential in a range of careers.

See this Chronicle of Higher Education article about "How Liberal Arts Majors Fare" in the workplace. What do employers want? Good Writers!

Tips for Success 

English courses share common guidelines for conducting research, interpreting literature and writing about literature. These reflect the shared rules and values of the discipline or field of English Studies. The USC Upstate English faculty prepared the following documents to explain these guidelines. In English 300, students learn about these guidelines in depth.

Outside the classroom
English Studies and Your Future 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my education at USC Upstate. I have been English Majors Graduating May 2013offered so many opportunities that I feel I would have never received in a larger university. Many of the things that have been most influential in my thinking have been garnered from individual conversations with professors. I cannot overstate the influence that my English professors have had on my education. Their consistent attention and encouragement have given me the confidence to pursue a postgraduate degree and a career in higher education." --Beth TeVault '12

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