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Young Children

Child Development and Family Studies Degree Program

Program Coordinator:
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Dr. Nur Tanyel

The Child Development and Family Studies Program prepares students for professional work with young children between the ages of birth and six years. Additionally, students are prepared to work with families from diverse cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Upon graduation, students will have opportunities to pursue positions as childcare practitioners in child development centers and family learning centers; as teachers in private school settings, Early Head Start and Head Start Programs and as parent educators in learning centers.   

General education requirements for this major consist of coursework in liberal arts thus establishing a broad knowledge base prior to professional coursework. The professional sequence provides knowledge, skills and dispositions in child development, curriculum and assessment of children from birth to six years of age. Professional courses also include effective ways to communicate and work with families of young children. After completion of the major coursework, students have a semester long internship in a child care or learning center to complete the program.  

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