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Nonprofit Administration (SNPA) Courses

 NPAD 201. Nonprofit Leadership Workshop (1)
Application of knowledge and skills reflecting essential nonprofit competencies of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certification (CNP), practical experience in nonprofit organizations, leadership abilities, and meaningful service. Course is offered pass/fail and may be repeated for a maximum of four semester hours.

NPAD 301. The Nonprofit Sector in the United States (3) 
The importance of the nonprofit sector in the United States emphasizing the history, the relationship to business and government and the place of the nonprofit sector within American society generally. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing (30 semester hours).

NPAD 302. Nonprofit Leadership (3)
The fundamentals of nonprofit administration to include leadership, legal foundations, board development, the role of volunteers, nonprofit advocacy and ethics.

NPAD 303. Nonprofit Financial Administration (3) 
Financial management within the nonprofit sector emphasizing strategic planning, budgeting, accountability, risk management and control. Prerequisite: NPAD 302 or consent of instructor. 

NPAD 304. Fund Raising for Nonprofit Organizations (3)
Fundamentals of resource development in the nonprofit sector including strategic planning, principles of philanthropy, proposal writing, event planning, and charitable trusts. Prerequisite: NPAD 302 or consent of instructor.

 NPAD 399. Independent Study (1-4)
An individualized, contracted program of study planned in conjunction with a faculty member. Prerequisites: NPAD 301 and consent of instructor.

NPAD 401. Topics in Nonprofit Leadership (3)
Study in selected topics in nonprofit administration. Emphasis upon competencies necessary for emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector. May be repeated with permission of advisor. Prerequisites: 54 credit hours earned, NPAD 301 and NPAD 302.

NPAD 495. Nonprofit Senior Seminar (3)
A capstone course in nonprofit administration emphasizing research and oral presentations. Prerequisites: NPAD 301, NPAD 302, NPAD 303, NPAD 499.

NPAD 499. Field Experience in Nonprofit Leadership (1-6)
Supervised work experience in a nonprofit organization. Forty-five hours of work for each credit hour are required. Prerequisites: NPAD 301, junior or senior standing and consent of instructor. Pass/fail credit only.


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