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Frequently Asked Questions:
Four-Year Track

When are applications due?
Applications are accepted year round.
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Can I apply online?
Detailed instructions are included with the online application and should be followed with great care. 
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Do we have to apply every semester?
Yes. You would have to apply for each semester for which you would like to be considered. Each time you apply, you have to complete each step of the application process, including the criminal record background check.
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How many applications do you normally get?
We receive anywhere from 200-300 applications each semester.
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How many students do you accept into the nursing program each semester?
We accept 112 students in the fall and another 112 in the spring.
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Do you have a waiting list to get in?
Each semester we have room for 112 students. We do create a waiting list of up to 25 students who fall next on the list. If accepted students decline their spot, someone from the waiting list will be placed in the program. This list is only for that particular semester and does not give them a position in the program or on the waiting list for any following semester. If students on the waiting list do not gain a spot in the program, they would have to re-apply.
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When will I receive notice of acceptance to the School of Nursing?
If you applied for a fall semester by Dec. 1, you will receive your letter from the School of Nursing in the month of February. If you applied for a spring semester by May 1, you will receive your letter in the month of September.
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Does it help if I send in letters of recommendation with my application?
It does not help to send in letters of recommendation. Only the published admission criteria is considered for admission.
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How is the GPA figured to get into the nursing program?
The Mary Black School of Nursing uses a cumulative GPA. A cumulative grade point average is a calculation of the average of all of a student's grades for all of his or her complete education career. We also calculate a separate GPA on the required science courses.

Please note that a current USC Upstate student may be eligible to apply to the registrar for university grade forgiveness for a course in which he/she earned below a "C."  (See the Course Grade Forgiveness policy in the current academic catalog for details.) However, The School of Nursing does not recognize university grade forgiveness and will calculate both grades into the admission GPA.
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Even though a GPA of 3.0 is required to apply, what is considered a competitive GPA?
Since we only accept the students with the top 112 GPA’s each semester, there is no way to predict what will be the lowest “safe” GPA.  Generally, we encourage students to work toward a GPA of over a 3.3 to be competitive; however, a 3.3 GPA is not a guarantee that you would be admitted to the program.
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How do I find out what prerequisite courses I need?
You should submit your transcripts from each college that you have attended for a transcript review. Your transcripts can be mailed, emailed or delivered in person. You should include all contact information with your full name, email address and birth date. You can also make an appointment at the Spartanburg campus (864-503-5441) or the Greenville campus (864-552-4275) to meet with someone in person.
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When must my prerequisite courses be completed?
For fall admission, the courses must be completed by the end of the previous spring semester. Students are allowed to take one course over the previous summer, but it must be completed at USC Upstate or another USC campus.
For spring admission, you must complete your prerequisite courses by the end of the previous fall semester.
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I read that if I fail one science or one nursing class, I can repeat it only one time.  A second failure (anything below a “C”), will disqualify me from the program.  Is this true?
If you fail a required science or any nursing course from any school, you may repeat it one time. Upon repeating the course, even if you pass it with an “A”, a second failure in any required science or nursing course will make you ineligible.
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Can we pick the location that we would like to attend? What happens if it is full?
Beginning with fall 2016 applications, you will apply to only the campus that you wish to attend. If you would like to increase your chances of an acceptance you can choose either campus. The location to which you are accepted cannot be changed your first semester. Changes for future terms would be determined based on space availability.  
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Please note that only the upper-division nursing courses are available at both locations. Prerequisite courses are only available at the Spartanburg location, although some will also be offered online.
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What is the difference between the nursing program on the two locations?
The only difference in the program is location. The curriculum is identical on both campuses.
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Can I take any nursing classes online?
There may be one or two nursing courses taught completely online or as a hybrid each semester.
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Can I get materials on your nursing program?
We receive such a large number of requests for information, that sending out materials through the mail has become cost prohibitive. All information is available on the website.
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Can I get a tour of your facility?
You can attend an Open House or Fabulous Friday. You can register for those online or call the Admissions Office. Or you can schedule a tour and interview directly through the Admissions Office.
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Contact Us

Katharine Gibb, Ed.D., MSN, RN

Dean, Mary Black School of Nursing

Deborah K. Charnley, Ph.D., RN
Associate Dean, Spartanburg Campus

Sonya Blevins, DNP, RN, CMSRN, CNE

Associate Dean, Greenville Campus  

Terri Whitaker, M.Ed.
Director of Nursing Student Services
Advisor for four-year, BSN track

Lynette M. Gibson, Ph.D., RN

Director of Research in Nursing

Chasity Ramos
RN-BSN Advisor 


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