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Joint Center for
Nursing Research and Scholarship

The Joint Center for Nursing Research and Scholarship (JCNRS) was created in the Fall of 2010 as a collaborative effort between Spartanburg Regional Department of Nursing and the Mary Black School of Nursing.  Funded by a national grant, the purpose of the center is to improve the health status of the population by providing the leadership and resources to develop and retain a diverse, culturally competent nursing workforce that provides the highest quality care for all, particularly the underserved. 

Developing a trained workforce can be accomplished through the use of innovative teaching strategies that involve the use of technology.  State of the art technology is being used to train nursing faculty, students and practicing nurses in the community in order to improve nursing skills and ultimately, impact the delivery of nursing care.    

Training, however, would not be replete unless it was grounded in the latest research and best practices of the profession.  The JCNRS is developing a foundational research program that supports faculty scholarship and the research endeavors of the local nursing community.  This program, immersed in futuristic technology, brings new dimensions to evidenced based practice in the area of home care and critical care nursing.

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