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Following is a list of some of the services provided by the Facilities Management Department.  Please click the link for information relating to that service.

How do I ... 

Request funding for a major capital project
Complete the Capital Funding Request Form and click Submit. 

Notify you of an emergency facility issue
Call ext. 5500 during normal University workdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  At other times, or if you cannot reach anyone at ext. 5500, call University Police at ext. 7777.  An emergency is a situation where there is an immediate need to rectify a situation.

Request non-emergency work
Click here to fill out a work request form. If you are asked for the organization account number, it is 548279921. (This happens sometimes if a computer is worked on after the link has been saved).  If you do not have access to submit work requests, the appropriate dean, department head, or division director should contact Fred Scott or Kent Orr. Include the name, email address and phone number of the person you desire to have access.  Requestors can track the progress and status of the work request at any time online.

Request a key or keys
Fill out the Facilities Key Request Form. With increased emphasis on security of spaces, this process must be followed. Note that for buildings controlled by electronic card access, we no longer issue keys to exterior doors. Access to these buildings is controlled by University Police. (If there is a problem with the lock itself, please submit a work request online.)

Request a lock be changed or repaired
Submit an online work request form. If you are asked for the organization account number, it is 548279921.

Request to change use of a space
Submit the request for Change in Facilities Space Use form. It can be completed, printed, signed by the appropriate parties, and submitted. 

Request telephone or network lines
Contact Information Technology and Services at ext. 5257.  Facilities Management does not install these.

Request any type of work for the Greenville campus
Submit your request to the Vice Chancellor’s office at the Greenville campus.  The Vice Chancellor will coordinate with us.

Request any type of work for the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics
Use the same process for work as if you were on the main campus.

Request any type of work for the residential buildings (Palmetto Villas, Palmetto House, Magnolia House)
Contact the Residential Life office at ext. 5422.  

React if fire alarms are activated
You should immediately leave the building even if you think it is a false alarm. Once you are out of the building, call the police at ext. 7777 and/or us at ext. 5500 to ensure we are aware. Both police and facilities staff respond to investigate immediately. Do not go back in the building until directed to do so by University Police.

Find the Facilities Management office if I want to hand deliver a request or meet with someone in facilities
We are located at the far north end of the campus. Turn off of North Campus Boulevard on American Way (the road between the tennis courts and the forested area) and follow that road all the way past the water tower. Then bear to the right into our parking lot. Our location is shown on the various campus maps available at the bottom of the University home page.

Order furniture
Contact us before ordering by using the online work request form.  Depending on the situation, we may already have what you need.  If new furniture has to be ordered, we may be able to assist with funding.  In all orders, besides the actual furniture, the purchase order must include a requirement for the vendor to assemble on site, remove all packing material, and deliver to the room where it is to be set up.  While most furniture is available under various state contracts, we also know other vendors with quality furniture and service and reasonable prices.  We will not assemble furniture that you have ordered unless these procedures have been followed, nor will we deliver it.

Ensure that there will be heating or cooling in rooms I am using during hours the rooms are not normally in use
Our source of information for this is the event schedule published by Special Events and Facilities Scheduling.  During normal working hours, most spaces are heated or cooled in accordance with the University Energy Policy.  For room use not during normal working hours, you need to ensure you have scheduled the room through Special Events and Facilities Scheduling.

Get copies of:
Floor plans; room numbers, capacities, or sizes; building names or building numbers; street addresses; leases; acreage; ownership; capital plans; or other building or facilities related data
Call us at ext. 5500 or email us with specifics about your request.

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Contact Us
Phone: (864) 503-5500
Fax: (864) 503-5542

Facility Emergencies
During working hours:  
(864) 503-5500  
After working hours (University Police): (864) 503-7777

Housing Facilities:
(864) 503-5422

Mailing Address:
USC Upstate
800 University Way  
Spartanburg, SC  29303

Physical Address:
155 American Way
Spartanburg, SC 29303

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