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Preparing Students for a
Future with Technology

What is a QEP?  

The Quality Enhancement Plan, a significant component of our SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) reaccreditation process.  A QEP, as defined by SACS, is “a carefully designed and focused course of action that addresses a well-defined topic or issue related to enhancing student learning.” Our QEP provides us the opportunity to develop an active and targeted five-year plan to improve some aspect of the education of USC Upstate students. Implementation of our QEP began fall semester 2012.

Through STEP-UP, graduates of USC Upstate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competent use of technology to gather information.
  • Use technology to correctly process and analyze information.
  • Communicate information appropriately to others through technology.
  • Understand and demonstrate ethical use of technology in gathering, processing, analyzing, and communicating information.

What is the QEP about?  

The topic of USC Upstate's Quality Enhancement Plan is "Preparing Students for a Future with Technology." The project includes three strategies to involve students in higher levels of engagement with technology, including specially redesigned Technology Intensive (TI) courses: 


  1. Faculty Development: STEP-UP Faculty Development Institute - Faculty proposing to enhance/enrich a course as "technology intensive" will be selected after presenting  a rationale and vision through the project's approval process, and will partipate in a summer development institute (FDI) conducted annually. Additional development experiences for the five-year project cycle will be included.

  2. Development of Technology Intensive Courses - As a part of the summer Faculty Development Institute, faculty will develop TI courses which are redesigned to provide opportunity for students to achieve the STEP-UP learning outcomes and that include emphasis on accessing of digital content and forms using digital means; assignments and learning activities that are prepared and submitted digitally; course participation that requires and/or enables use of a variety of digital tools and forms; and, use of presentation software for course work.

  3. Creating a Technology Fluent Campus - In addition to a highly-trained faculty and an engaged student body, a number of initiatives will be launched to heighten the awareness of the increased role of technology in the liberal arts and the professions and to provide our constituents with the interest and vocabulary to engage in ongoing conversations about digitalization. Supporting initiatives include an annual QEP Technology Symposium, ongoing programming addressing technology issues and developments each semester, and other opportunities that follow emerging technologies thoughout the life of the project.

Who is involved?

One of the SACS requirements for the QEP is that the entire university community – faculty, students, staff and administrators— be involved in the selection of the QEP topic.

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