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The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official elected body that represents all USC Upstate students. It is composed of executive officers and representatives of each school and campus organization. The SGA serves as a liaison of the student body with the faculty and administration and makes recommendations regarding policies and procedures that affect students. 

New organizations seeking recognition must have their proposed application and constitution for charter reviewed by the SGA. In addition, budget requests from USC Upstate clubs require SGA consideration and recommendation. The SGA president is a member of important university committees and makes recommendations for appointments of students to several others.  

Special Projects Funding

Special project funding is available for student organizations that need additional funds to travel or sponsor a special program that would require funding beyond their means. The organization submits a Special Project Funding Request form. This forms can be submitted throughout the year, but should be submitted in a timely manner. These applications will be reviewed seven times during the year. Organizations will need to plan ahead and submit these requests in time to be considered.

Complete the Special Projects Funding Application online.

Want to Get Involved?

Getting involved in SGA is as easy as showing up for a meeting. Any student can come to a meeting and voice their opinion and bring issues to the floor. If you want to actually serve on SGA, start by joining a student organization or talking to someone in your academic program. We have senators for each academic school and student organization.

2014-2015 Senators

Athletics Senator:  Brittany Clency and Malik Floyd
Business Senator:  Molly Brady
Criminal Justice Senator:  Demi Messer
Education Senator:  Sarah Neary
Fine Arts and Communication Studies Senator:  Tirell Williams and Jasmine Johnson
Nursing Senator:  Caleb Satterfield and Kourtnie Vereen
Freshmen Senators:  Andres Ortiz Aldana, Gabe Tate, Tyler Baum, Ka-Toya Moon, and Jennifer Nze
Greek Life Senator:  Leonard Jackson Jr.
Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) Senator:  Craig B. Drayton
Library Senator:  Teona Grant
Natural Science and Engineering Senator:  Alex Wells
Social Science, History and Philosophy Senator:  Emily O'Quinn

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SGA President
Alexander Dukes 

SGA Vice President
Sandy Vang

SGA Secretary
Brittni Shannon

SGA Treasurer
JaQuan Drayton

SGA Chief of Staff
Jonathan Wiley 

SGA Freshman Class President
Tia Greene

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SGA Office
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