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8 is the new 9

8 is the new 9

Effective August 1st, everyone making an outside call will have to dial 8 instead of 9 to make an outside call.

USC Upstate ITS is in the process of changing the number used to dial an outside line from campus phones to 8 instead of 9. Currently phone users will still be able to use both numbers to get an outside line. There will be a grace period that allows users to continue to use 9 until August 1st.

Why is this change being made?
ITS is looking to reduce the number of accidental calls to the police by using the 9 prefix exclusively for emergency calls.
Research shows that a typical 911 call center in a major city receives around 6.5 million emergency calls in a year. Of those, approximately 1.3 million are misdials or other non-emergency calls. That accounts for over 20% of all 911 calls!

Who will this affect?
All faculty and staff who use a campus phone, as well as any student workers. This also applies to fax machines (8 will have to be used for an outside fax instead of 9).

What should I do?
We recommend all faculty and staff start dialing 8 for outside lines immediately. If you have any speed dials set up for outside lines these will have to changed too. Please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance with this. ITS will send out further reminders as we get closer to the switchover date.