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"Growing up my family moved a lot so I was often the “new kid” at school. Making new friends every year or so was very hard and I often felt like an outsider.  

When I was in third grade, I had long hair but had it cut like an Olympic figure skater. Kids in my school picked on me for looking like a boy because I had short hair. That really hurt my feelings and made me feel self-conscious. In seventh grade, a girl started a rumor that I was a lesbian. I didn’t even know the meaning of that word and had to ask my mom. All of those experiences made me realize how important it is to stand up for other people. I may be the main reason I want to be a nurse ... taking care of other people."


As a child in middle school, I experienced bullying every day. No one knew that I was experiencing any form of bullying because I was afraid to speak up about it.

I really did not like attending school; most days I was picked on and called gay, poor, ugly and fatherless. Students then began hiding my things from me, stealing my things and trying to fight with me when I spoke up about it.

I eventually got tired of being bullied, but I became the bully, which is usually the trend. I really wish that I would have spoken up about it, but I never did. Speaking up about it and addressing what I faced could have prevented me from bullying others.

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