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Vote again and thanks for those who did it before!!
Posted: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 12:21 PM

I work with Carolina Poodle Rescue and we are trying to win a contest from the Animal Rescue Site for up to $10,000.00  it only takes a moment to log on and vote... PLEASE vote for us... you have to put in our name, and sc and search.... then you must confirm your vote.... you can vote daily and each vote helps us tremendously!

Let me take a min. to tell you about me and my work with the rescue...
I work in the library and on the weekends I play with the dogs at Carolina Poodle Rescue ( we are completely funded by donations and adoptions and we have a chance to win some contest monies too...  I believe in what the rescue stands for and what it does and would like to invite you to ask me any questions if you have any... if you don't and you vote for us consider copping this into an email and send it to all of your contacts, family and friends... we are falling from the top... we need a boost of votes now....

Remember to vote today and vote daily!!