Vehicle Registration

Register your vehicle and get your parking decal

Any person who shall let stand a motor vehicle on the land or property of the University, is to required to register the vehicle and obtain the appropriate parking decal.

Parking Permit Decals

Faculty & Staff

Commuting Student

Residential Student Permit

Parking decals are to be placed on the outside of the driver’s side rear window.

  1. Students employed on a part-time basis regardless of capacity are not eligible for faculty/staff permits. Students in such categories who utilize campus parking facilities will be required to have regular student permits.
  2. Permits must be clearly displayed in the designated location according to the type of permit issued. Motorcycle permits must be placed in the most prominent location or on the front windshield.
  3. In the event your permit is lost or stolen, the owner shall report it to University Public Safety. A replacement decal or second decal can be purchased for $10.
  4. To be eligible for special parking privileges at USC Upstate, a license tag with special numbers or identification for a placard issued by the S.C. Department of Highways and Public Transportation is required. This pertains for both permanent and temporary disabled. The application form may be obtained from the University Public Safety Department or the Highway Department (located on Sigsbee Road off of I-85). 

    Please note: It is unlawful to use a handicapped placard issued to another person when he/she is not present. Violators will be ticketed.
  5. Faculty/staff parking is on a first come, first served basis. Faculty and staff members are required to register their vehicles with University Public Safety. Faculty parking permits are valid for 1 year.
  6. Visitors on campus are required to obtain a temporary parking permit from the University Public Safety Department.
  7. If for some reason you are unable to drive the registered vehicle, you may obtain a temporary permit at the University Public SafetyDepartment.
  8. Student parking decals are valid for only the academic year printed on the decal (ex. a “16-17” decal is good from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017).
  9. Should any change of vehicle or resident status occur, decal must be returned and will be replaced free of charge.

Parking Map

A detailed parking map can be found in the USC Upstate Parking Brochure (PDF)