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USC Upstate's Commitment to Diversity

A letter from Warren Carson, Chief Diversity Officer

USC Upstate defines itself as a “metropolitan university.”  We are a member of the international Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU).  As with other CUMU members, USC Upstate pays special attention to teaching, research and professional service in support of the metro region that we serve. 

USC Upstate serves the “I-85 corridor,” the interstate connection between Charlotte and Atlanta across the Upstate of South Carolina, recognized as one of the fastest growing regions in the United States.  At the heart of this corridor are the cities of Spartanburg and Greenville, the population and economic centers of gravity in South Carolina.

Fundamental to our credibility as a “metropolitan university” is our commitment to diversity, reflective of the region we serve.  Institutional credibility is as surely dependent upon this diversity as it is upon our academic reputation.

As you review this website, you will see evidence of this commitment to diversity across all aspects of this “metropolitan university.”  It is a commitment of which USC Upstate is rightfully proud.


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Diversity Letter From The Chancellor 

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Chief Diversity Officer
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