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Minor in Philosophy

The philosophy minor provides exposure to the major fields within the discipline: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and logic. Metaphysicians ask, “What are the basic kinds of entities comprising reality?” Epistemologists ask, “What is the nature of knowledge, and what can we justifiably be said to know?” Ethicists ask, “What is valuable, and on the basis of what standards should human conduct be evaluated?” Logicians ask, “What are the principles by which we distinguish good from bad arguments?”

Fulfilling the requirements of the philosophy minor will result in two interrelated outcomes: enhanced knowledge of the history of ideas and keener skill at critical thinking.

To minor in philosophy students must complete the following requirements:

I. Logic 3 hours
II. History of Philosophy 3 hours
III. Ethics 3 hours
IV. Upper Level Electives 9 hours

The logic requirement can be satisfied by taking either Logic 205 or 207. The history of philosophy requirement can be satisfied by taking either Phil 201 or 202. The ethics requirement can be satisfied by taking either Phil 211 or 311. The upper level electives include anything in philosophy 200 or above or Logic 307. All coursework must be “C” work or better.

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Dr. Carol Loar

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