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Minor in Religion

FALL 2017 COURSES | Minor Worksheet

Why has religion become such an important and controversial part of modern life around the world? What do Americans, who live in the most religiously diverse society on earth, need to know about religious ideas, values and beliefs in this country and around the world?

Explore the Religion Minor, which was offered for the first time in the fall of 2009 by the Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy and American Studies.

If you are currently a religion minor, make sure to check out the changes to the minor that took effect in fall 2014. Whether your focus is in liberal arts, business, education, pre-med, nursing or another discipline, you can use the religion minor to enhance your major.

If you are interested in adding the minor in religion, please complete the religion minor form and submit it to Dr. David Damrel in Media 132.

Fall 2017 Courses

Surprise yourself — take a religion course! Check out our special courses including: 
  • The Black Church in America
  • The History of Christian Controversies
  • Asian Religious Traditions

To check on the details of class schedules, availability and other information, please view the class schedule. Feel free to contact the individual instructors for more information about the classes they are offering.

RELG  U103-01  03  Comparative Religion
Meets: MWF  11:00--1:50, CASB 108
Schedule Code: 26762

RELG  U103-02  03  Comparative Religion

Meets: MWF   12:00--12:50, CASB 108
Schedule Code: 26763 

RELG  U103-03  03  Comparative Religion
Meets: T, R   8:00--9:15, LBCL  240
Schedule Code: 26764    

RELG  U103-04  03  Comparative Religion
Meets: T,R   9:25-10:40, LBCL  240
Schedule Code: 26765    

RELG  U103-05  03  Comparative Religion
Meets: T,R   10:50-12:05, SMIT 320    
Schedule Code: 26766

RELG  U103-06  03  Comparative Religion
Meets: T,R   12:15-1:30, SMIT 320    
Schedule Code: 26767

RELG  U103-07  03  Comparative Religion
Meets: M,W   2:00-3:15, SMIT 320    
Schedule Code: 26768   

RELG  U300-01  03  Asian Religious Traditions
Meets: T,R   1:40-2:55, MEDC 217    
Schedule Code: 26769   

RELG  U399-01  03  Christian Controversies
Meets: M,W   3:25-4:40, LBCL 249
Neely, K.
Schedule Code: 26770   

RELG U399-02  03  The Black Church in America
Meets: T,R   9:25--10:40,  HPAC 219
Schedule Code: 26771
(Cross-listed with AFAM U398-02   Schedule Code: 26973)

HONS U398-03  03  American Religious Diversity
Meets: MWF   9:00--9:30, CASB 105 
Schedule Code: 26566


Religion Minor Student Worksheet 
Download a Religion Minor student worksheet Pdf download



For information please contact:

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Media Building 132

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