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"I graduated from USC Upstate with a degree in Information Management & Systems with a concentration in Business. I just wanted to let you know that my senior seminar class that you taught (Spring '05) was an extremely relevant class. I was promoted to General Manager of my company's first expansion store. TeleComp is a small business that does a lot of business to business computer/phone services and computer repair/sales on a consumer level.

I am convinced that the education I got at USC Upstate, specifically in your senior seminar class, was why I got this position. The person I am replacing, as far as I can tell, never understood the concept that computer people have to be business-oriented in today's business world. This person was from the school of thought of "I'm a technician, all I do is work on computers" and no longer has a job because of it.

Being 22 years old, and only being with the company since August, I am very excited to make such progress already!
Thank you and all the professors for such a great education, and tell all the other Informatics professors to keep up the good work!"

Nathan King
Graduate - May 2005
IMS - Business Concentration

"I just found a job as an IT Coordinator/Specialist with Southeastern Sports Medicine in Asheville, NC. I hope to start there in August and so far it seems like it will be a great place to work. The job includes several business roles as well; which is why I think that having a degree in IMS helped me get it. I also consider myself very lucky for landing a job on my second interview, especially when most people can go 10 or more interviews before they find a suitable position.

Thank you for being a great advisor and mentor during my 4 years at USC Upstate."

Jeremy Carraway
Graduate - August 2006
IMS - Communications Concentration

"I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know what an outstanding Department of Informatics the University of South Carolina Upstate has put together. I am a 32 year old non-traditional student that works full time and has been attending the University since 2001. Over the past years, I have steadily witnessed USC Upstate put together a staff that I believe tops that of any other university in the country.

Dr. Fulbright has been the person I have counted on over the last several years and he has never let me down. Even when he has not been one of my instructors during a semester, he has always been there to answer any questions that I have had. All the instructors in the Informatics Department have been great to work with and deserve to be recognized for their efforts. It is very evident that the Informatics team is dedicated to seeing students succeed. Just yesterday I had a great meeting with Dr. Routh and I am really looking forward to taking my senior seminar this summer with him as the instructor.

I am sending this email today as a direct result of how I was recently treated by the Informatics staff during advisement. I was reminded of how lucky I am to be a part of this university by how Dr. Fulbright and Dr. Routh both worked with me during advisement. Through their help and patience, we were able to get things scheduled so that my senior year will keep me on track to achieve my dream of being a college graduate in fall of 2005. This type of thing isn't too big of a deal for a normal college students, but when you try to schedule critical classes (needed to graduate) around your work, your wife, and your children, this type of cooperation really stands out. I really believe that these types of efforts from instructors should not go unnoticed. I truly hope that you would agree!"

Darren Cooke
Graduate - December 2005
IMS - Communications Concentration


 "I just wanted to share with you my current success. I was recently employed by GE in Greenville as their Data Analyst! I'm so happy and just wanted to share my success with you!

Kanesha L. Nesbitt
Graduate - May 2006
IMS - Communications Concentration

I saw a listing for an IT position on craigslist.  Basically, it was a self-made independent consultant who designs and installs LAN/WAN and maintains the networks as well.  I sent him a resume.  He called me back and interviewed with him.  After he reviewed 100 resumes and performed 20 interviews, he picked me as the candidate for the position.

Basically, I am his apprentice and he is teaching me everything he knows.  It is mainly networking stuff, but the job focuses on using IT as a tool to meet his business's needs.  That's why I think that the IMS degree helped me land the job.  Interviewing skills come with age and wisdom. I just started yesterday, but the prospects look very healthy.  I am about to learn how networking applies to corporate businesses, where different VPN's are interlinked together. 

Also, I have the opportunity to work from a remote site, via my home.  That's good, considering LA traffic is a nightmare.  I love LA and I am very proud to be a graduate of USC-Upstate

Roman Salvador
Graduate - August 2005
IMS - Communications Concentration


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