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Bachelor of Arts in Information Management and Systems

The Informatics major prepares students to be analysts, problem solvers, managers and user advocates in the information technology field. Analysis and design, database technology, networking, software development and hardware are included in the Informatics curriculum.

This degree has four major parts:
  1. General education
  2. The Information Technology/Informatics core
  3. The digital media and communications core
  4. Minor

General education includes the same components as all other USC Upstate majors: communication, mathematics, arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural science, foreign culture, computer studies. For the mathematics requirement, we require college algebra and statistics. For natural sciences, we require one course with a lab and one course without a lab, all non-science major courses.

The information technology core consists of a foundations course, an introductory programming course, a computer hardware course, a course in innovation and inventive problem solving, two networking courses, two database courses, two informatics courses and two IT management courses.

The digital media and communications core includes classes in digital art, writing, communication theory, and technical presentation skills.

Majors select minor in one of the following areas: business, communications, health information management or minor of your choice.

Program Chair
Ron Fulbright, Ph.D.

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