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Minor in Psychology

Minor in child advocacy studies degree requirements

A minor in psychology requires 21 hours:
  • PSYC 101:  Introduction to Psychology
  • One course from Group A:
PSYC 303: Learning and Memory 
PSYC 304:  Cognitive Psychology 
PSYC 305:  Sensation and Perception 
PSYC 306:  Cognitive Neuroscience 
PSYC 308:  Physiological Psychology 
  • One course from Group B:
PSYC 302:  Developmental Psychology 
PSYC 307:  Social Psychology 
PSYC 309:  Personality Psychology 
PSYC 310:  Abnormal Psychology 
PSYC 311:  Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
  • Two more courses from either group above
  • Two more courses at the 300-level or above

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Dr. Kim Purdy

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Lynne Gibbs

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