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Fall 2016 events coming soon!

Sizing Up Women’s History

For the upcoming celebration of Women’s History Month in March 2015, the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies will host two speakers on subjects related to body size. Details and registration form can be found here.

  • April Herndon, author of Fat Blame: How the War on Obesity Harms Women and Children, is a field-defining scholar of feminist fat studies. Her talk will address the impact of sizeism on health policies that have negatively impacted women’s lives in recent U.S. history, especially those who have been marginalized by ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

  • Carolyn Day is an assistant professor of history at Furman University. Her dissertation, Drop Dead Gorgeous: The Idealization and Feminization of Tuberculosis in England, 1780-1850, tracked radical changes in perceptions of this disease during this historical period and the ways tuberculosis became inextricably linked with gendered fashion ideals.

Who needs Feminism? View photos on Flickr!
In the spring of 2012, frustrated by anti-feminism on campus, sixteen Duke students asked Who Needs Feminism? To their surprise, the world answered them. In this lecture, In 2013, USC Upstate participated in this viral visual campaign to tell why we need feminism, too!
Feminism in Hardcover Book Club Selection
The most recent Feminism in Hardcover book club selection was On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life, by Sara Ahmed.

Bodies of Knowledge Symposium
The Symposium renewed and reinforced campus commitment to the principle of respecting sexual diversity, and to the acknowledgement of sexual orientation as a protected category of identity in Upstate’s longstanding Diversity Initiative. The symposium served to maintain and further fuel the energy of the students, faculty and staff who were galvanized to improve the campus climate for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff.

Nourishing New Research
This program provides opportunities for faculty to share in-progress academic work for feedback and support as part of an effort to enrich the intellectual environment at USC Upstate and to foster cross-disciplinary collegiality around a shared interest in Women's and Gender Studies.

Words of Fire Symposium

Featuring Dr. Tricia Rose in February 2009, this event is an especially memorable example of CWGS celebrations of Black History Month. Other outstanding speakers have included Dr. Ruth Nicole Brown on celebrating black girlhoods, Dr. Dianne Johnson on her book Hair Dance (an award-winning children’s book on attitudes toward black hair) and Dr. Layli Phillips Maparyan on luminosity and “the womanist idea." 

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View various FlickR galleries of past events held by the Center for Women's and Gender Studies. 

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