Revolutionary advances. Agile responses. Diligence under duress. Cybersecurity is a top priority of every organization—as essential as internet itself! Demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals will surge for the foreseeable future.

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Abundant Job Opportunities

In South Carolina, there are 3,000 cybersecurity sector job openings. Expand into the southeast region, and there are as many as 49,000 jobs in the sector. Prepare to find your place.

Demand is High

There is a shortage of qualified workers to fill the high number of roles employers are posting. Both South Carolina and the southeastern region have a “very low” workforce supply/demand ratio – only 2.5 qualified applicants for every job posting, while the national average is 5.8 for all jobs. Get in-demand.

Highly Sought Technical Skills

Develop critical securities strategies which align to industry best practices in theory and application. Explore tactics to put together pieces of the cybersecurity puzzle and stop security breaches – even before they occur. It’s time to learn how.

Highly Sought Technical Skills

With new technologies always on the horizon, there will never be a need to stop learning new skills. Engage in a career path where you’ll always have room to grow. Discover the difference.