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Request for Volunteer(s)

If you are a community partner looking for USC Upstate students to either volunteer or a service-learning class to assist you with an identified community need, please fill out the form below so that the Office of Service-Learning and Community Engagement (OSLCE) can assist you!

If you have any questions, please contact OSLCE at oslce@uscupstate.edu or 864-503-5433. 

Please note, an * indicates a required field.

Contact Information

Community Partner Name: *
Mailing Address: *
Is your mailing address also the physical address for your office/building?**  *
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Website (if applicable):
Please list us as a community partner on the OSLCE website so that students, faculty, and staff may contact us.  *

**If your physical address is different than your mailing address, we will reach out to you to request driving directions for volunteers.

Volunteer Request Information

What type of service are you requesting?  *
What are the community needs that students would be addressing? (examples: rebuilding projects, painting, research and report writing, etc.): 
Will the task(s) be completed on-site or are there various locations? (please describe):  
Will students need to provide their own transportation to complete the task(s)?  * 
What are the supplies that the students will need to complete the task(s)?
What supplies will you be providing?
Who will be serving as the supervisor for the project (name & contact information)? 
Additional information about the project or questions for OSLCE.