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Teaching Online Certification Course (TOCC)
Follow-up Survey

We need your help please!  As we move into year two of the offering of the TOCC, we seek your 100% anonymous feedback on the potential effectiveness of the course.  Please take a minute to respond to the below questions and click "Submit Form" when completed.

Thank you for your valuable input as we strive for academic excellence!


Are you Faculty or Staff?  
Are you Full-time or Part-time?

1a. I have taught at least one online/blended course since completing the TOCC.

1b. How many courses?


2a. This course positively influenced my opinion of online instruction.


2b. Explain:


3a. I made at least one pedagogical change as a result of completing this course.


3b. Explain:



4a. I feel the changes I made in my online course(s) were successful. 


4b. Explain:       



5a. I am a better online instructor as a result of completing this course.


5b. Explain:



6a. I feel I had adequate access to resources to support my online teaching.


6b. Explain:



7. The most significant(s) "aha" take-away(s) from the course is/are?


Additional Comments: