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Are you interested in obtaining a B.A. degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education? Maybe you are teaching and would like to earn your masters degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education. Perhaps you have a B.A. degree and desire to be a certified teacher in South Carolina. Well, look no further. You can get this degree or certification from USC Upstate while attending ALL of the classes on the USC Sumter campus.

USC Upstate's teacher education program on the USC Sumter campus offers a challenging curriculum, personal attention, and a positive collegiate atmosphere.

USC Upstate has a reputable teaching and learning program designed to meet the needs of students who want to complete a four year degree and education certification without leaving the Sumter area. USC Upstate’s teacher education program provides degrees and certification for traditional and non-traditional students.

The Upstate faculty on the Sumter campus are committed to helping you to achieve your goals and ambitions as a teacher. You will receive guidance and support from highly qualified faculty who are truly interested in helping you to reach your highest potential as a teacher.




Degree Programs with USC Upstate at Sumter

*Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (Day Program)
The early childhood education program on the USC Sumter campus provides preparation for teaching in PK-3 classrooms. A substantial portion of the curriculum consists of course work in the liberal arts to establish a broad educational background prior to the professional sequence of courses. The professional sequence provides content and direct opportunities for field experience on a variety of public school settings. (Program Sheet)

*Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (Day Program)
The program is designed to prepare students to teach in grades 2-6. The program consists of a general liberal arts background, professional educational training, and preparation in a variety of public school settings. (Program Sheet)

*Master in Early Childhood Education 
(Evening Program)

*Master in Elementary Education 
(Evening Program)

For more information about Teacher Education programs at the University of South Carolina Sumter, please contact Dr. Nancy Gallenstein, Director at (803) 938-3709 or gallenst@uscupstate.edu.




Application Process

 If you are interested in attending USC Upstate in Sumter, and do not have a degree, arrange to meet with a counselor on the Sumter campus by calling USC Sumter Admission Office, or visit in person. If you have unofficial transcripts of all previous college coursework, this facilitates the initial review of what is required to earn the bachelor’s degree from USC Upstate. If you have a degree, your should report directly to the Upstate office on the Sumter campus.

 After meeting with the USC Sumter or USC Upstate academic counselor in Sumter, the next step to enrolling is to complete an admissions application. Applications are available on the Sumter campus in Schwartz 122 or you can complete the application online. You must meet the general requirements for admission. Each student is regarded as an individual and consideration is given to the complete student profile. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you at any point during the  admission process to discuss interests and concerns.

General requirements are:  

A.  A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPS in all previous college-level course work.

B.  Evidence that you are academically and otherwise eligible to return to the last institution attended.

In addition, transfer students must submit transcripts of all previous college courses whether or not credit was earned and regardless of whether credit is to be transferred.

Students must have earned 60 college credit hours before beginning upper level courses. If a prospective student does not have 60 transferable hours, they should seek admission to USC Sumter program.

Once you are accepted for admission, schedule appointment with faculty advisor.

Note: Requirements for admission and graduation are determined by the USC Upstate catalog active at the time of admission or if the prospective student submits a Transfer Agreement form.



Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions at the USC Upstate in Sumter. For additional questions or to set up an appointment to speak with a counselor, contact us at (803) 938-3709.

1. What majors are offered at USC Upstate in Sumter? Are all of the courses that I need offered in Sumter?  

USC Upstate at Sumter offers degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. The graduate degrees offered are Master in Early Childhood and Master in Elementary Education. If a student chooses one of these undergraduate or graduate degrees offered at USC Upstate at Sumter, they will be able to get all of the necessary coursework in Sumter.

2. What are the steps in the Admissions process? Click here

3. What is the latest date by which I must apply?  

Even though USC Upstate at Sumter’s admissions are on a rolling basis, it is advisable to apply in April for Summer or Fall semesters or in October for Spring semesters. However, you may submit an application up to the second day after classes have met. Note that Fall courses begin in mid-August and Spring courses begin in January.

4. How many online courses are offered? Are there any courses offered in video format? Are there distance education courses?

Presently we offer compress video and onsite classes. We do not offered online classes though this is being considered by several faculty. Distance education courses are also offered. This enables USC Upstate to offered courses on the USC Sumter campus. Using the state of the art technology, professors offer courses via two way audio/video. This means that students can see and hear professor and classmates on the USC Upstate campus. The professor alternates teaching locations. Both USC Upstate in Sumter students and those in Spartanburg have class sessions with professor, onsite.

5. What courses will transfer from previously attended colleges?  

Prospective students are encouraged to make an appointment with the admissions office at Sumter or advisor at USC Upstate. The Upstate advisor will prepare a tentative evaluation of the credits earned and relate it to the student’s major field of interest. It is helpful to have unofficial transcript(s) but not required at this stage. Transcripts will be reviewed by your department upon acceptance.

6. What is meant by a course equivalency or articulation agreement?  

Both terms refer to the similarity of course content from another college to that of a course offered by USC Upstate in Sumter.

7. What are general education requirements?  

General education requirements are liberal arts courses, designated as 100 and 200 level, introductory courses in seven areas. These areas are communications, mathematics, arts, and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, foreign culture and computer science.

8. How do major courses differ from the general education courses?  

Major courses are designated as 300 , 400 and 500 level courses. Major courses enable a student to specialize in education. A minimum grade of a “C” is required.

9. What are pre-requisite and co-requisite courses?  

Pre-requisites are courses that must be taken prior to a higher level course. Co-requisites are courses that may or must be taken concurrently.

10. How many credits are required for graduation?  

In order to graduate, a student must earn between 120 to 128 USC Upstate in Sumter or transferable credits, according to the major chosen.

11. How many credits must be earned “in residence” in order to receive a diploma from USC Upstate in Sumter?  

The last twenty-five percent, generally thirty credits, must be earned at USC Upstate in Sumter, in order for a student to obtain a USC Upstate diploma. Academic residency or “in residence” means that students are regularly enrolled in the University.

12. If I have been accepted but not attended USC Upstate in Sumter or Spartanburg campus, do I apply again and pay the $40 admission fee?  

You complete a readmit form, if available, or resubmit an application checking the box, READMIT. That check box is just below the Personal Information, the first section of the application. You do NOT have to pay the $40 fee again.

13. Explain the library services for USC Upstate in Sumter students.  

Click here for library details.  

14. What financial aid is available?  

All students must complete the Federal Form FAFSA. The USC Upstate code is 006951. The Director of financial aid will communicate with prospective and continuing students at Upstate at Sumter via email or telephone promptly as needed. It is our objective to provide the most up to date financial aid to students. Knowing where to turn and who to trust for financial aid advice may be distressing, thus, it is also our objective to position you to maximize your financial aid potential.




Map and Directions to USC Upstate in Sumter

USC Upstate in Sumter is conveniently located in the University of South Carolina Sumter at 200 Miller Road in Sumter, South Carolina.

View Sumter Campus Map

Coming from Columbia
From I-77 exit on Garners Ferry Rd or Hwy 378 toward Sumter. Proceed until you reach Alice Drive (approximately 40 miles). Turn right onto Alice Drive (beside Arby’s). Continue to the third stop light. Turn left onto Miller Road. The USC Sumter office will be on the left.

Coming from Lancaster
Head down Hwy 521 toward Camden. Stay on Hwy 521 until you enter the city of Sumter. Take a left onto Broad Street. Continue to Bultman Drive and turn right. Go to the second stop light, Miller Road, and turn right. USC Sumter office will be on the right.



Student Services

USC Upstate is committed to providing resources, services, and assistance to help you function as independently and successfully as possible while pursuing your educational goals.

The office of Student Development is comprised of five areas created to address your various needs and concerns:

*Alcohol and Drug Programs
*Counseling Services
*Disability Services
*Health Services
*Non-Traditional Student Services

Sumter Campus Student Life Center




Student Organizations at Sumter

The USC Upstate in Sumter’s Student Education Organization is designed to enhance Professional Development and Service Learning. Members of the organization attend conferences each semester such as SCIRA, Science, Social Studies, GEOFEST, Math, and many others as a way to grow in their Professional Development. Students that attend these conferences are required to share information gained with teacher candidate during our monthly meetings. The organization supports each active member by paying registration and one night’s hotel room for one conference each semester. Funds are provided by community activities that requested donations while offering services that children, teachers, and families can enjoy and acquire knowledge about teaching and learning. A perfect example of this is the Music Concert for children that features “The Learning Station”.



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