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Welcome Alumni of the USC Upstate School of Education!

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Outstanding Education Alumni Awards 

Dear Alumnus and Alumna:

We thank you most sincerely for visiting our website. You are a member of an elite group of people who received a degree from the University of South Carolina Upstate and the School of Education. This community of individuals, now numbering over 15,000, continues to make significant and unique contributions to our profession and to many related fields.

What you have together accomplished is a tribute to the ever-growing tradition and excellent reputation of USC Upstate and the School of Education as one of the best education schools in the nation, which enhances the value of your degree.

The School of Education has been working to strengthen its connection with our alumni over the last several years. I am committed to continuing this work, with the goal of making your connection with the School of Education a lifelong and mutually beneficial experience.

You can remain involved with the School of Education in many ways. First, please keep us updated on where you are and what you are doing by completing the online Contact Form. You can also get involved by visiting the USC Upstate Alumni website at www.uscupstate.edu/alumni.

Your financial support is always welcomed and appreciated. Your contributions represent a very important resource for the School of Education’s programs and services. If you would like to make a contribution, or have an idea for an innovative gift, or suggestions for the school’s growth and improvement, you may do so online at this website or you may contact Interim Dean Charles Love directly at clove@uscupstate.edu.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to your continued involvement with the USC Upstate School of Education family of faculty, students, staff and alumni.

With warmest regards, 

Jim Charles,
UCG Campus Director, USC Upstate School of Education