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Middle Level and Secondary Program Information

Middle Level Education
The program in middle level education prepares students to teach in grades 5-8. The program emphasizes the particular physical, emotional, attitudinal and intellectual needs of adolescents as well as the organizational, curricular and pedagogical practices of the middle school. This is achieved through a core of general liberal arts coursework, professional education coursework (which includes field-based practicum ex­periences in middle schools), student teaching in middle school settings and intensive coursework in two areas of academic concentration.

 Program of Study

Course Sequence

Secondary Education
The program in secondary education prepares students to teach in grades 9-12 and does so through a core of general liberal arts course work, professional education course work (including field-based clinical experiences), a student teaching experience and intensive course work in a specific area of subject special­ization. The secondary education curriculum may lead to either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, depending on the chosen area of subject specialization. The Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and in social studies education require two semesters of foreign language study. Areas of subject specialization in secondary education at USC Upstate include biology, chemistry, English, history, mathematics and Spanish.

Course Sequence

Road Map to Certification as a Reflective Practitioner 
This document is an excellent quick reference guide that USC undergraduates can follow throughout the professional program. It provides easy-to-follow instructions and requirements that will ultimately result in graduation!

Road Map for Transfer and Certification only student 
This document is an excellent quick-reference guide that transfer students, and certification only students can follow throughout the professional program. It provides easy-to-follow instructions and requirements that will ultimately result in graduation!

Teacher Work Sample
This document allows students to see the “big picture” of requirements for the TWS. It provides important information about the components that are to be completed during specific clinical and directed teaching assignments.

 Teacher Work Sample Emphasis Chart  | Teacher Work Sample Rubrics 

Partner Schools (by clinical level) for the Middle Level/Secondary Education Program

Practicum experiences are intended to enhance the courses to which they are attached and to prepare the USC UPSTATE teacher candidate for directed (student) teaching. Practica are an integral part of specific education courses and as such are supervised by the instructor of those courses. Those practica which accompany foundations courses are largely observational in nature. Practica that accompany methods courses require teacher candidates (under the supervision of the instructor of the course) to work with individuals or small groups of students and to teach assigned lessons if appropriate.  Teacher candidates will complete a minimum of 100 hours in practicum settings prior to directed (student) teaching.

Major Codes:
320 Art Education
310 Elem
311 ECE
312 - 501 Middle Level Math/Science
312 - 502 Middle Level Math/SS
312 - 503 Middle Level Math/ELA
312 - 504 Middle Level Science/SS
312 - 505 Middle Level Science/ELA
312 - 506 Middle Level SS/ELA
329 Physical Education
329 - 761 Fitness & Exercise Sports Science
373 - 106 Secondary Biology
373 - 109 Secondary Chemistry
373 - 145 Secondary Math
373 - 115 Secondary ELA
373 - 184 Secondary Spanish
373 - 136 Secondary Social Studies
386 Special Education/LD



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