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Science Directed Teaching
ADEPT Summative Evaluation

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Using a scale of 1 to 4 with 1 being Unsatisfactory and 4 being Exemplary, please rate the teacher candidate on the following (please reference the rubric on the previous webpage if necessary):

  1 (Unsatisfactory)   2 (Satisfactory)    3 (More than Satisfactory)    4 (Exemplary)


Content - ADEPT Domain II  
1.  Knows, understands, and teaches with accuracy and thoroughness major concepts and principles of science.  
2.  Adapts content to the student’s level of understanding.

3.  Knows how to design and explain investigations & foster the effective analysis of data.

4. Engages students in study of the nature and tenets of science as a philosophy, activity, & profession.

5. Engages students in effective science inquiry & investigation.

6. Relates science to technology, its applications, culture, & human values.

High Expectations for Learners - ADEPT Domain II  
7. Addresses multiple dimensions of student personal, social, and intellectual development.
8. Addresses student needs and differences when planning & teaching science.
Instructional Strategies - ADEPT Domain II  
9. Effectively uses multiple teaching strategies to teach science.
10. Demonstrates effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication.
11. Knows and addresses student misconceptions & preconceptions.
12. Uses technology effectively to teach science.
13. Facilitates active inquiry, collaborative/cooperative learning & supportive interactions.
14. Relates science to the lives, needs, & interests of students.
Classroom Environment - ADEPT Domain III  
15. Creates enthusiasm & motivation for learning science.  
16. Creates an effective environment for learning science.
17. Uses instructional time effectively & efficiently.
18.Practices legal and ethical responsibilities of science teachers for welfare of their students.
19. Practices safe and proper techniques for the preparation, storage, dispensing, supervision, and disposal of all materials used in science instruction.  
20. Follows emergency procedures, maintains safety equipment, and ensures safety procedures appropriate for the activities and the abilities of students.  
21. Treats all living organisms used in the classroom or found in the field in a safe, humane, and ethical manner and respects legal restrictions on their collection, keeping, and use.
Planning - ADEPT Domain I  
22. Effectively plans & implements instruction.
23. Bases science instruction on national and state standards.  
24. As appropriate, uses community & other resources to facilitate learning of science.
Assessment - ADEPT Domains I and II  
25. Aligns goals, objectives, learning experiences, materials, & assessments.  
26. Uses a variety of assessments, including authentic assessments.
27. Plans and makes changes in instruction based on assessment data.
Personal & Professional Development - ADEPT Domain IV  
28. Engages in reflective teaching practice.
29. Demonstrates professional growth & development.
30. Interacts well with colleagues & others.
31. Builds relationships to support students & their well-being.