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Physical Education
 Teacher Work Sample Scoring Form

Professor's LAST  Name:
Professor's Email Address:
Candidate's First Name: 
Candidate's Last Name: 
Contextual Factors:   /20pts.
Learning Goals:   /25pts.
Assessment Plan:   /25pts.
Design for Instruction:   /35pts.
Classroom Environment:   /25pts.
Instructional Decision Making:   /25pts.
Analysis of Student Learning:   /20pts.
Reflection & Self-Evaluation:   /25pts.
Overall Score:   /200pts.
Overall Rating:

Exemplary =200-186

More than satisfactory = 185-170

Satisfactory = 169-154 (Satisfactory must be earned with no indicators at the Unsatisfactory level.)

Unsatisfactory = below 154 (Resubmission is required for indicators at the Unsatisfactory level.)