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Program Overview

The primary objective of the Teaching Man program is to prepare males majoring in education at USC Upstate to become strong teacher/leaders. This objective is accomplished by program participants matriculating through a leadership curriculum and a mentoring component. At the conclusion of the program, student participants serve as mentors to minority high school students in the local community.  

Leadership Curriculum
The leadership curriculum will expose participants to the current leadership trends and issues significant to future teacher/leaders. Program participants will be required to read a series of leadership articles and provide a comprehensive response that is shared with other program participants. In addition, workshops focusing on leadership, personal finance, and etiquette are also implemented.

The Mentoring Component
Each protégé is assigned an academic, personal and social mentor. The mentor exists to provide each protégé with informal insights of the profession from a seasoned practitioner. Mentors are chosen from a wide range of professions as they make a twoyear commitment to the program.


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