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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if I forget who my advisor is?
The JCBE office does not assign advisors. A list of advisors is on the touchscreen located at the entrance door. Students should contact an advisor in the student's concentration area by email, phone or during faculty office hours.

2. How do I get admitted into the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics (JCBE)?
Once accepted by the USC Upstate Admissions Office, business major applications are sent to the Johnson College of Business and Economics for further evaluation. When the student has met requirements and is ready to enroll into 300-level classes, the student must complete the Johnson College of Business and Economics Application to the Professional Program. This application form is located in the Student Service Center office (located in The George, room 210).

3. What is the process for registering for classes?
Make an appointment to see an advisor in your concentration area. Sign-up sheets will be posted in the atrium area of the first floor of The George one week prior to advisement week.

Meet your selected advisor at the designated time (JCBE does not assign advisors.) If you miss your appointment time, contact your advisor as soon as possible so another time can be scheduled. Failure to notify your selected advisor after a missed appointment, or not showing up for your appointment may cause a delay in your registration time. This delay can affect the availability of courses that you want or need. 

Once a student meets with his or her selected advisor, the student must be cleared for registration by the Student Support office at The George in room 210. Students can then then check the VIP system for their registration times. Registration times are assigned through the Records office and based on the number of academic credit hours earned.

Each semester, signs are posted around campus noting when advisement and registration begins. You may also consult the USC Upstate website.

4. How do I change my major?
Change of Major forms are available in the JCBE Office of Student Services(The George, room 210). When complete, bring the form to The George room 210 to obtain the Associate Dean's signature. The Change of Major form should then be taken to the new department/division. 

5. How do I withdraw from a class or from the University?
There are several ways/reasons for withdrawing from a class or completely withdrawing from the University. Below is an explanation of the different ways/reasons. You may also consult your catalog.

  • Course Withdrawal after late registration

Course withdrawal is allowed after late registration until the last day to drop without penalty (the last day of the tenth week of the regular semester) through VIP, with a grade of "W" recorded on the permanent record. For classes that earn a "W", the semester hours for the course will not be included in the hours attempted, grade point average or any other totals. During summer sessions or other shortened terms, students are allowed to withdraw from a course before 72 percent to the total number of class days.

  • Course Withdrawal after last day to drop without academic penalty
Students who wish to drop a course after the last day to drop without penalty should do so through VIP. A grade of WF is recorded. A WF is treated as an F in the computing of a student’s grade point average. Exceptions to the assignment of a grade of WF are possible for verifiable, documented reasons. If a student must either drop a course for medical reasons or other acceptable cause after the last day to withdraw without penalty, the grade of W may still be assigned. A Request of W Grade for Extenuating Circumstances form originates with the dean of the student’s academic major and if approved, must have a grade assignment by the course instructors, prior to being returned to the records office. Students return the completed form to the records office no later than the last day of class for the semester (before final exams begin).
  • Withdrawal from the University
Students wishing to withdraw officially from the University may obtain the form entitled Request for Semester Withdrawal from the Records Office or withdraw on VIP. Students who stop attending the University without following the withdrawal procedure will receive an F for each course which may prejudice any future attempt to reenter the University. Students withdrawing from the University prior to the last day to withdraw without penalty have the withdrawal date and the courses posted on their transcript with a grade of W.
Students withdrawing after the last day to withdraw without penalty, but not later than the last day of class, receive a grade of WF for each course in which they were enrolled. Students may petition to receive a grade of W rather than WF by carrying out the procedures outlined under the section entitled "Course Withdrawal: Following the Last Day to Withdraw Without Penalty." Students who stop attending classes and fail to carry out the procedures for dropping or withdrawing from their courses will have final grades calculated on both completed and missed work. This typically results in a grade of F.
  • Post-Semester Withdrawal (Retroactive).
A student who ceases attending classes due to medical or other extenuating circumstances so serious that the student was neither able to attend classes nor initiate withdrawal procedures, may request to have each final grade changed to a W to indicate that there was satisfactory performance before being forced to stop attending classes. An appeal to change a final grade is to be initiated within one yearafter the final grade is assigned. Exceptions to the one year deadline are made through petition to the Executive Academic Affairs Committee. Withdrawal must be from all courses.
Requests for post-semester withdrawal are initiated in the Records Office, where the necessary procedures are explained and the student is supplied with the form entitled Request for Withdrawal After the Penalty Date for Medical Reason or Extenuating Circumstances. This form and supporting documentation concerning the extenuating circumstances are presented to the dean of the student’s major, who will make a determination as to the nature of the circumstances and the dates during which the student was unable to participate in classes.
The dean makes a recommendation as to whether the student should be permitted a post-semester withdrawal from the University based on the findings of an investigation of the facts. The recommendation of the dean will be sent to the registrar, who will then forward the recommendation to the faculty member(s) for assignment of a final grade of W or WF. The final grade will be based upon the student’s academic standing at the time of the initiation of the extenuating circumstances. If the instructor is no longer at USC Upstate, and a forwarding address is available, the student shall, within the time specified on the extenuating circumstances form, transmit copies of all necessary materials to the former faculty member by certified return receipt mail. If the instructor fails to assign a W or WF within three months of the date of the request, or if no forwarding address is available, the dean of the appropriate college or school shall appoint a faculty member to consider the request and assign a W or WF.
The decision of the dean of the student’s major concerning being allowed a post-semester withdrawal from the University or the assignment of a final grade by the faculty member(s) may be appealed as follows: (1) To appeal the decision of the dean of the student’s major, the student requests that the Executive Academic Affairs Committee review the facts of the case. The decision of this committee will be final. (2) To appeal the assignment of a grade of WF, the student will follow the procedure described in the catalog section entitled "Academic Grievance.
6. When and how do I apply for graduation?
Graduation applications are available in the JCBE Office of Student Services (George 210). Once you have completed the application you should make an appointment with your chosen advisor to review your file and application for graduation requirements. After you have met with your advisor you should follow the schedule below for turning in your application. Please pick up your application a week to 10 days after you leave it in the JCBE Office of Student Services and take it to Records. Failure to submit your application to the Records office on time will result in your name being omitted from the commencement program and possibly delaying the arrival of your diploma via the US mail.

Semester Graduating

Application due in Deans/Division Office

Application due in Records Office


(walk in May)

December 1

January 20


(walk in May)

February 15

March 1


(walk in Dec.)

April 15

May 1


  • Students who graduate in May must have all course work completed by the end of Spring semester.
  • Students who graduate in August must have all course work completed by the end of Summer II semester.
  • Students who graduate in December must have all course work completed by the end of Fall semester.

7. How do I apply for an internship for credit?
A student who wishes to enroll in an internship may do so by engaging a supervising faculty member, completing a contract in association with that faculty member, securing approval of the assistant dean, and registering in the Records Office. Internship forms should be completed no later than the first week of the semester in which the student is interning. Forms are available in the JCBE Office of Student Services.

8. How do I audit a class or change from credit to audit?
Auditing a course means attending classes and listening without actively participating in the class. Students must meet course prerequisites. The auditor is not responsible for class assignments or examinations. No academic credit is earned for a course which is audited nor may it be earned later through examination. A student who has audited a course is not prohibited from taking the course later for credit. A student who wishes to audit a course must be admitted to the University and enroll in the course as an auditor. However, students taking the class for credit are given preference over auditors where enrollment limits are a concern. A student who is auditing a course, but who wishes to take the course for credit, may change his or her registration by the end of the late registration period. Students wishing to audit a course or to change from credit to audit may do so only with permission of the instructor. Each instructor may set attendance conditions for the audit. Students not meeting those conditions will be withdrawn from the audit after the semester ends, with the withdrawal date listed on their transcript.

  • Students who wish to audit or change from credit to audit should get an Audit form from the Records office.
  • The form must be signed by the professor with any limiting attendance conditions specified.
  • The form is then signed by the student's advisor and turned into the Records Office.

The last day to change credit to audit is the same day as the last day to withdraw without academic penalty. At the end of the semester when the faculty turn the grade sheets into the Records Office, any student who has not met the conditions of the audit as reported by the faculty member will be withdrawn. Faculty will submit a withdrawn from Audit form.

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