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George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics Mission

Mission Statement

The mission the Johnson College of Business and Economics is to educate students and engage in strategic partnerships to enhance the economic development of the Upstate. 

In support of this mission, our strategy is to:

    1)      Deliver an excellent business education.

    2)      Graduate students prepared to become successful and productive leaders in organizations along the I85 corridor, within the State, and in the global business community.

    3)      Attract and retain talented faculty who engage in scholarship and innovative intellectual pursuits that align with and impact teaching and academic and professional currency.

    4)      Engage in strategic partnerships with the Upstate business community. 

JCBE Learning Goals
Approved by JCBE August 2016

  • Goal: Students will demonstrate understanding and competence in essential business disciplines and concepts. 
  • Goal: Students will demonstrate a competency in speaking and writing to effectively communicate in a professional business environment. 
  • Goal: Students will demonstrate the ability to use information systems and analytical tools to solve business problems and make business decisions.
  • Goal: Students will recognize ethical aspects of business situations, and demonstrate an understanding of ethical business practices. 
  • Goal: Students will have a global perspective, demonstrating a knowledge and understanding of successful business operations in a global marketplace. 
The JCBE 20-20 Vision

In the year 2020:

The Johnson College of Business and Economics is viewed as the public business school of choice for the Upstate by: prospective and current students, staff and faculty, employers and graduate schools due to college's commitment to currency in our classrooms and the accessibility and value of our programs. 

Graduates of The Johnson College of Business and Economics are actively recruited and employed by Upstate businesses (and regional graduate programs) because of their demonstrated preparedness and ability to immediately contribute to the success of the organization (and their expected success in the graduate program).

The faculty of the Johnson College of Business and Economics are actively engaged and participating in: student success; maintaining currency in their field; the advancement of their profession; and the support of the Upstate business community. The staff and faculty of the Johnson College of Business and Economics view themselves as a family and see the college and the university as a great place to work and they strive to continually improve administrative and educational processes.

The Johnson College of Business is a major factor in sustaining the USC Upstate Metropolitan Mission and an active, engaged, contributing member of the Upstate business community.

Statement of Values

The Johnson College of Business values:

1.     Excellence in teaching

a.       We are here because we love to teach

b.      We continually strive for continuous improvement in teaching methods and techniques - to deliver convenient, affordable and valued

c.       In curriculum development - material aligned with wants, needs and expectations of our stakeholders

2.     Engagement and advancement

a.       In our professions

b.      With our students

c.       In USC Upstate university

d.      Thru partnerships with business community

3.     Student success

a.       Sound fundamentals of business knowledge and theory

b.      Understanding of the technical and soft skills

c.       Understanding the importance of being an ethical business person

d.      Beyond the classroom

4.     Integrity

a.       We do what we say we will do

b.      We deliver what we promise

c.       We are trusted by students, colleagues and the community

The Big Five: Our Priorities
  1. AACSB Accreditation
  2. Providing a High-Quality Education
  3. Transforming Students for Successful Careers
  4. Scholarly Activity/Research
  5. Community Engagement


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    Elnora Stuart, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean, Professor of Marketing
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    Technology Coordinator

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    Transfer Advisor & Student Services Coordinator

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