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The faculty of the Mary Black School of Nursing’s commitment to academic excellence is reflected in their participation of a wide array of scholarly activities.  From presenting at national, state, and local conferences to publications in scholarly journals, the faculty’s involvement is evident.

Even though scholarship is extremely important, it is viewed as a complement to the mission of undergraduate education of baccalaureate nursing students, both traditional and returning Registered Nurses who desire to hold a Bachelor’s degree in nursing.  In addition to teaching, the faculty attempts to engage students in their scholarly endeavors as an adjunct to the learning process.   

Some examples of ongoing scholarship this year (2010-2011) are:  


Title: Multi-User Virtual Environments: A New Frontier in Nursing Education
Poster Presentation:  11th Annual Nurse Educator Conference (Mar, 2011)
Investigators:  Dr. Darlene Amendolair, Sharon Smith, Catherine Talley, Vicky DeWick
Presenters:  Darlene Amendolair and Sharon Smith.      

Title:  Nurse-Physician Collaboration: An Emergency Department Perspective
Poster Presentation: Emergency Nurses Association General Assembly Tampa, FL (Sept., 2011)
Investigator:  Renee Galloway    

Title:  The Effect of the "Save Our Breasts" Forum on Breast Cancer Beliefs, Fear, and Fatalism in African-American Women. 
Presentation:  2011 Oncology Nursing Society Biennial Research Conference, February 2011.
Presenters:  Gibson, L. & Humbert, C.    

Title:  Social Networking as a Means of Community-Based Participatory Recruitment of African-American women.
Presentation:  2011 Southern Nursing Research Society Conference, February 2011.
Presenters:  Gibson, L., & LeGrand, H.     


Gibson, L., Thomas, S., Parker, V., Mayo, R., Wetsel, M. Breast cancer fear in African American breast cancer survivors. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Cultural Diversity.  

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