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Grant Writing: Recent Big Winners!

Universities benefit substantially when faculty members are awarded external grant monies for research or service projects. Applying for grant opportunities is a very time consuming and tedious process which oftentimes goes unrewarded since most opportunities are highly competitive with only a small percentage being funded. Grant monies are often used to support student research assistants. And, can thus have a very positive impact on a student’s academic experience. We would like to congratulate all USC Upstate faculty members who have recently been funded.

All Grant Winners (2013-2014)

Amendolair, Darlene MUVE: Nursing Education $5,000
Blair, Selena External - Student Support Services 2010-15 $249,235
Blair, Selena External - Student Support Services 2010-15 Grant-in-Aid $32,275
Cordis, Adriana External - Federal Natural Disaster Aid and Public Corruption $5,000
Damrel, David MGS: The Destruction of Modern Muslim Shrines by Fundamentalist Movements $1,500
Doyle, Briget  RISE - The Impacts of Coastal Erosion on Edisto Island, Seabrook Island and Deveaux Bank, South Carolina $5,000
From, Heidi External - Child Care Access Means Parents in Schools (CCAMPIS) 2009 $52,652
Gibson, Lynette RISE - The Effects of Save Our Breasts on Knowledge, Beliefs and Intention to have Screening Mammograms in African-American Women $5,000
Hameed, Muhammad RISE - Chebyshev Spectral Method Applied to Viscoelastic Flows with Heat Transfer and Nonlinear Slip Conditions $5,000
He, Qiliang RISE - Huang-Lu: Women's Agency, Urban Culture and Conservatism in 1920s China $5,000
Herzberg, Tina S. External - The Possibilities Are Endless: Promoting Braille Throughout South Carolina $99,751
Herzberg, Tina External - Arts Curricular Innovation Grants - SC Arts Leadership for Success Academy $27,600
Herzberg, Tina RISE - Development and Evaluation of Online Modules Designed to Increase the Accuracy and Quality of Math and Science Materials Prepared for Braille Readers in Grades K-12 $5,000
Hightower, Mary Lou External - AP Studio Art 2013 $15,500
Izzard, Marilyn External - Unveiling Mathematics Standards $90,200
Merriweather, Helen External - ACHIEVE 2011-12 $10,000
Merriweather, Helen External - ACHIEVE 2012-13  $375,361
Montgomery, Benjamin RISE - Adaptive Significance of Delayed Self Pollination in Flax (Linum rigidum) $5,000
Myers, Andrew H. ASPIRE – Norris Crossman: A Yankee Soldier in the South Carolina Upcountry $10,902
O'Brien, Colleen RISE - Black Revolutionaries, the First Nations and Agrarian Freedom in the Americas $5,000
Omoike, Anselm External - Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program $5,200
Omolo, Bernard RISE - A Gene Signature of Chromosomal Instability in Melanoma $5,000
Omolo, Bernard External - Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians $35,000
Pae, Holly RISE - Evaluating Teacher-Training Programs: Do Praxis II Scores and GPAs Predict Teacher Effectiveness? $5,000
Pae, Holly External - Special Education Preservice Improvement 84.325T $98,824
Pae, Holly External - Project CREATE 2012 $21,903
Parker, Jennifer External - Assessing South Carolina's Response to Child Abuse $32,500
Roberts, Nicholas RISE - Understanding Why Medical Providers Avoid Electronic Medical Record Systems in a Deployed Combat Environment $5,000
Ruppel, Joshua RISE - Development of a Green Water-Soluble Catalyst: Synthesis of Carbohydrate-Porphyrin Conjugates (CPCs) via Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions $4,999
Ruppel, Joshua External - Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program $5,200
Thomas, Tasha External - Spartanburg Writing Project Title II NWP SEED Grant Teacher Leadership Development Proposal $20,000
Timonov, Alex External - International Collaborative Research Project: Quantitative Imaging of Shallow Water Environments in the Baltic Sea $21,007
Turner, Jack External - Renaming Nasty Creek $24,000
Wang, Xinli EPSCOR - Investigating Cellular Spheroid Fusion Using Boundary Element Methods (GEAR) $50,000
Wang, Xinli RISE - Asymptotic analysis of the transport of Brownian particles from a solid obstacle at large Peclet numbers $5,000
Webb, Ginny ASPIRE – Characterizing the Effect Antiphagocytic Protein 1 Has on Cryptococcus Neoformans Infection $15,000
Webb, Ginny MGS: Does the Cryptococcus Neoformans Virulence Factor Antiphagocytic Protein 1 Have an Effect on Macrophage Activation? $2,400
Weber, Louanne External - 2012-2013 CDC Clinic Grant $14,920
Williams, George External - Making the Digital Humanities More Open: NEH Start Up, Level 2 $49,339
Total $1,430,268


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