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USC Upstate Excellence in Teaching and Advising Award
The USC Upstate Excellence in Teaching and Advising Award at USC Upstate recognizes excellence in undergraduate instruction and academic advisement. The overriding criterion for selection is sustained excellence in undergraduate teaching and academic advisement. That is, consistency in quality of performance in the classroom and academic advisement are emphasized. View for previous award recipients.

Andrew Beer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology 
Department of Psychology   

Andrew Beer receiving award

My fundamental goal as a university professor is to foster in my students a life-long love of learning. This lofty goal frames the rest of my approach to teaching. At the heart of learning is a degree of general curiosity. The influential teachers in my life encouraged me to be a skeptical, independent thinker, and I wish to do the same for those who enroll in my courses. In my opinion, a university education is not primarily about gathering facts; rather it is about acquiring tools to seek the truth about the world around us. Thus, I care less about whether my students know the answer to a given, existing question and more about whether they know how to go about finding answers to new questions, solving new problems. I try to model enthusiasm and careful consideration by incorporating lessons I have learned from work in the laboratory and field settings into our course discussions. This allows my students to see that I am fully engaged in the learning process myself, even to this day, and that it is one of the ways in which I find purpose and enjoyment in life. I hope that I can influence students to find themselves in similar positions later, but on their own terms. Maybe they will decide to learn about local history, or bread making, or how to play the clarinet, but I hope that in some small way, something we did in class might have set them on that path. As noted previously, this is a fairly lofty goal, but having been personally influenced in such ways makes me believe it is possible. And, I enjoy trying.

Gary Bradley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Coordinator, Middle Level and Secondary Programs

Bradley, Dr, Gary ETA award graduation 2016 with Dr. Hurren

My goal is to empower all my students to be successful future teachers. Mastery of content is important. I enjoy learning more about science and best teaching strategies supported by research. In my classroom, I foster an environment of discovery. A practical, hand-on approach with student participation and exploration lends itself to student ownership of the content that equips them for their own future classroom. Knowing my students is also essential. I love learning about their interests and goals and helping them develop their natural gifts for best teaching practices. 

Building the bridge between my students and the content is another crucial element where I focus considerable time and energy. The most effective way that I have found to achieve this is through a compelling narrative. This is a story, often from real-life experiences, that inspires my students. It awakens their desire to go deeper into the content than they would usually go. As my students “catch fire” they will go on to create their own compelling narrative that will inspire their students.

New Faculty Spotlight
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2016 Summer Travel Grant Recipients to attend Teaching Professor Conference
Congratulations to the 2016 Summer Travel Grant recipients! As a part of USC Upstate’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, the Office of Academic Affairs provided funding for four full-time faculty members to attend the 2016 Teaching Professor Conference (TPC) on June 3-5, 2016, in Washington, DC. By accepting the travel grant, the faculty member agrees to share his/her experience with the campus at large in an upcoming workshop sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Camp, LoganGoodman, Dr. Kela
Logan Camp
Instructor, Nursing 
Mary Black School of Nursing  
Kela Goodman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
School of Education 
  Hall, SuzanneHarrington, Dr. Charley
Suzanne Hall
Instructor, Communication Studies 
Fine Arts & Communications Studies 
Charley Harrington, Ph.D.
Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies 
Center for Interdisciplinary Studies 

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