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Student Participation in The Annual Research Symposia

Each year USC Upstate students contribute to the Annual Research Symposium program by making presentations or displaying posters of their work. Click here to view more details about previous and upcoming meetings of the SC Upstate Annual Research Symposium, including the session schedule, times and dates, and pictures taken during previous events.   

Student Presentations at Sixth Annual Symposium:
March 26th, 2010

Race to the Front: Frontloading and Voter Turnout
Allison Pingley and Donna Randolph

Toward Including Linguistic Awareness in Diversity Education: Applications of a “Universal” Approach to All Varieties of English
Jena Rowland and David Marlow

The South Carolina Language and Life Project
Stephen Davis and David Marlow

Playing God – World Making Words
Sharon Kelley and David Marlow

A Survey of Fecal Coliforms of Different Domesticated Animals
Holly Stamey and Jack Turner

Use of Urban Greenways by Small Mammals
Nada Hyatt and Jonathan Storm

Effectiveness of the NAAMP Protocol in Evaluating Anuran Calling Activity in the Piedmont of South Carolina
Carl Alexander, Chelsea Kross, Joel Price, and Melissa Pilgrim

Species Richness of Foraminifera off the Coast of South Carolina
E. Carl Alexander, Sarah Campbell, and Lyle Campbell

An Underwater Adventure with Jacques Cousteau
Tim Foster
Choose Your Letter
Josh King
A ‘Fishen in the Dark Lagoon
Lane Brown
Richard Mack,
Faculty Mentor
Digital Media: Interactive Narratives

Deception in Advertising
Holly Anderson

Student Posters at the Sixth Annual Symposium:
March 26th, 2010

Rule Mining the HCUP Dataset Using the Tukey Method
Daniel Hagerman and Wei Zhong

Community-Based Participatory Recruitment Methods for African American Women
Hadassa Legrand and Lynette Gibson

A Drift Fence Study Evaluating Seasonal Changes in Amphibian and Reptile Movement
Chelsea Kross, Joel Price, Nada Hyatt, Carl Alexander, and Melissa Pilgrim

On Comparison of Two Survival Functions
Brent McCracken and Seunggeun Hyun

Scientific Illustration meets Deep Sea Ooze
Leidy Espinal, Sarah Campbell and Lyle Campbell

On Anti-Bias Approaches to Higher Education Student Development: Queering the Quad by Abandoning Un-Safe Zones and Collapsing Tunnels of Diversity
Adrienne Jones

Use of Adomian Decomposition Method for Fourth Order  Non-Newtonian Pipe Flow
Brett Michaud and Muhammad Hameed

Automatic Classification of Musical Instruments
Keith Bell and Angelina Tzacheva 

Action Rules and Meta-Actions
Jennifer Burkett and Angelina Tzacheva

Personal Revelations
Cody Brooks and Andrew Beer

Effects of 1983 Revisions to the Social Security Act
Elizabeth Cole, Alyssa Mason and Rob Routman

2010 USC Upstate Senior Exhibition
Brittany Tuckfield, Holly Anderson, DJ Morrison, Angela Dillinger, Josh King, Hieu Ngo, Samantha Bartley, Nick Schneiders, Alexis Rogers, Tyler Bishop, and Lisa Anderson 

Untitled Pate-Moulder Film Project
Henry Moulder and Aaron Pate

Student Presentations at the Fifth Annual Symposium:
March 27th, 2009

Using Spatial Assessment of Drift Fence Captures to Investigate Juvenile Dispersal of Ranid Frogs
Helsea Kross and Melissa Pilgrim

Environmental Activism in the Middle East
Joni Hammond and Lizabeth Zack

A Novel Robotic Approach to Contour Recovery using Structured Light
Nicole Tobias, Robert Mahmoudishad, Mark Parrish, and Sebastian van Delden

Mining Exceptions as interesting Knowledge
Stephen St. Peter and Rick Chow

Talkin' 'bout South Carolina: Addressing Dialect Diversity in Middle School Classrooms
George Reed and David Marlow

Race and Clas Identity in The Great Gatsby and Passing
John Crocker and Celena Kusch

The Peer Mentoring Program: A Pilot Program for the USC Upstate School of Education
Daphine Dawson and Tina Herzberg

Romare Bearden: Contribution and Contrast to the Harlem Renaissance
Mckensie Hall and Rachel Snow

Student Posters at the Fifth Annual Symposium:
March 27th, 2009

Investigation of the Role of Promoter Methylation and Histone Modification in the Down-regulation of the Colon Tumor Suppressor, DRA
Derek Griffth and Jeannie Chapman

An In-Depth Study of the Length of Hospital Stays with Regard to the Procedures performed on Type II Diabetes Patients
Anneliese Schmidt and Wei Zhong

Implementation of the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program in the Upstate Region of South Carolina
Alexsis Ferguson and Melissa Pilgrim

Size of Rank Tests for Location in Linear Models with Repeated Observations
Danial Hagerman and Bernard Omolo

On the Properties and Applications of the Space of Linear Functions L(R)
Michael Blackmon and Gamal Elnagar

Oil and Western Friendliness, The Cause for Russian Interference in Former Soviet-bloc Nations
Seth Rubenstein and Trevor Rubenzer

The Effects of Exposure to Domestic Violence on Child and Adolescent Development
Vernette Porter, Jennifer Parker, and Stephanie Keen

Implementation of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Type-2 Diabetes Patients
Nicole Tobias and Wei Zhong

Student Presentations at the Fourth Annual Symposium:
April 11th, 2008

Cultivating Citizens through Community Outreach: Engendering Civic Awareness in a University Youth Program
Kerrie-Ann Wilkins, Jennifer Parker and Timothy Dale

Black Panther Political Posters
James Risher and Rachel Snow

Initial Steps to Voice-Guided Robotic Manipulation
Ben Overcash and Sebastian van Delden

Assessing the use of Artificial Structure in a Fragmented Landscape: Herpetofauna as a Case Study
Jared Ballenger, Lauren Horton, Will Reid and Melissa Pilgrim

Enhancing Reading Comprehension and Literacy in First-Year College Students Through the Use of a Student-Led Conference
Anthony DeClue and Celena Kusch

Student Posters at the Fourth Annual Symposium:
April 11th, 2008

Size-Frequency Distribution of Molluscs from a Pliocene Fauna, 22Florence,  South Carolina
Katie Pruiksma, Sarah Campbell and Lyle Campbell, USC Upstate

Robot-Camera Orientation Recovery from the Optical Flow of High Interest Points in an Unknown Scene
Frank Hardy and Sebastian van Delden

Lucid Echoes
Daniel Fowler and Ray Merlock

Discriminating to Sell:  Discrimination in Jewelry Stores
Jennifer Rayner and Kim Purdy

2008 Senior Exhibition Catalog Design and Production
Stephanie Huskey, Gregory Bradham, Holly Coupe, Rachel Dickey, Brian Hefner, Veronica Lewis, Brandon Pendred, Derek Revan, and Lisa Anderson

Student Presentations at the Third Annual Symposium:
April 6th, 2007

Instability Involving Taylor Series Solutions of a Heat Conduction Problem
Ricky Farr and Gamal Elnagar
Enhancing Machine-Human Interaction through Grammatical Awareness
Shea Menge and David Marlow

Senior Exhibition Catalogue
Mollie Brown, Lisa Anderson, Marius Valdes, and Rebecca Lamb

Absorption of Coliphage T4 to Clay Particles
Jennifer Cowan and Jack Turner

Sergio Giral & The Other Francisco: the Denouncement of Romantic Myths in Cuban Slavery
Zachary Snow and June Carter

"Death's Day Off"
Zachary Snow and Jorge Salvo

All Resources Exhausted: An Analysis of Adolescent Depression and the Resources Available and Promoted amoung National, State and Local Agencies
Shawn Maxwell and Kendra Ogletree-Cusaac

Vision-Based Control of Robots Playing Pong
Derrick Thompson, Jose Reyes, and Sebastian van Delden

Fourier Series Solution of a Stable Heat Conduction Problem
Frank Darwin and Gamal Elnagar 

Student Posters at the Third Annual Symposium:
April 6th, 2007

Surgical and Non-Surgical Physical Therapy Patients: Differences in Anxiety, Depression and Mood
Lyman Keller and Kim Purdy

Distributed Fractal Generation: The Mandelbrot Set
Michael Blackmon and Kelly Waters
The Effects of Obesity on Vascularity of Heart and Brain of Zucker Rats
Tia Pilikian, Jessica Clark, Sam Subramanian, and Jeanne Kowalczyk

Use of the Polymerase Chain Reaction to amplify the actin gene from the snail, Biomphalaria glabrata
LeAnna Ledford and Vince Connors

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