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Admissions Requirements for Freshman Applicants

Freshman admission to USC Upstate is based on high school courses and Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT) scores. Have SAT or ACT scores sent directly from the testing service. The SAT code for USC Upstate is 5850 and the ACT code is 3889.

Applicants who are at least 22 years of age are not required to submit SAT/ACT scores. However, students should present evidence of ability for academic success.

Applicants who attend a post-secondary institution while in high school or during the summer are classified as freshman. However, transcripts of the college work must be submitted.

Use the Freshman Enrollment Checklist to ensure you stay on track.

Note: Remember that you must also submit an application for admission with a $40 non-refundable application fee. You can also apply online.

Freshman High School Course Requirements
Students should prepare for the challenges at USC Upstate by taking a rigorous academic curriculum while in high school. Students who graduated from high school in 2011 or after are required to have completed the following high school units:

English - 4 units: At least two units having strong grammar and composition components; at least one unit in English literature; and at least one unit in American literature (completion of college preparatory English I, II, III and IV will meet requirements).

Mathematics - 4 units: These include Algebra I (for which Applied Mathematics I and II may count together as a substitute, if a student successfully completes Algebra II), Algebra II, and Geometry. A fourth higher-level mathematics course (algebra III / trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, discrete mathematics or a capstone mathematics course) should be taken during the senior year.

Laboratory science - 3 units: Two units must be taken in two different fields such as biology, chemistry or physics. The third unit can come from the same field as one of the inital two units, or it can come from any lab science where biology or chemistry is a prerequisite.

Foreign language - 2 units: Two units of the same foreign language. A third is strongly recommended.

U.S. History - 1 unit.

Social studies - 2 units: Economics and Government are strongly recommended.

Fine Arts - 1 unit: One unit in "appreciation of," "history of," or "performance" in one of the fine arts.

Physical Education or ROTC - 1 unit.

Electives - 1 unit: One unit must be taken as an elective. A college preparatory course in Computer Science (i.e., one involving significant programming content, not simply keyboarding) is strongly recommended for this elective. Other acceptable electives include college preparatory courses in English; fine arts; foreign languages; social science; humanities; laboratory science (excluding earth science, general physical science, general environmental science, or other introductory science courses for which biology and/or chemistry is not a prerequisite); or mathematics above the level of Algebra II.

Freshman applicants who satisfy the course requirements listed above will be evaluated on the basis of high school curriculum, grades, and SAT or ACT scores. These factors will be used to determine the applicant's probability of success during the freshman year.


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