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Admissions Requirements

A freshman applicant is a student who is currently in high school or a student who has graduated from high school but has not enrolled in any accredited college or university since high school graduation. Freshman applicants who satisfy the course requirements will be evaluated on the basis of high school curriculum, grades, and SAT or ACT scores. These factors will be used to determine the applicant's probability of success during the freshman year. The average SAT score for entering freshman is approximately 1000 with a minimum GPA above a 3.0.
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A transfer student is a student who, after graduating from high school, has attended another regionally accredited post-secondary institution and attempted one or more courses, regardless of credit earned.
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International candidates must be proficient in the English language and admissible to institutions of higher education in their own countries before being considered for admission to USC Upstate. International students must also be high-school graduates, meaning that they have completed about 12 years of schooling in their own countries.
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Readmit (Previously Enrolled USC System Student)
A readmission applicant is a student who attended any USC campus in a degree-seeking status. If a student misses a major semester (fall or spring) a readmission application must be completed. Summer sessions do not count as a major semester in this instance.
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Non-degree Seeking
Non-degree seeking applicants may apply for admission as a non-degree student. In most cases, written transient permission from the student 's "home" school is not required, although it is strongly encouraged.
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