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Alumni Spotlight: Nazar Kharivsky

Nazar_Kharivsky PhotoMoving to a different country can be a very exciting and scary experience, as it may take years to grasp new customs, cultural differences, and a foreign language. Completing higher education in a foreign country boasts its share of challenges, too, as students often struggle to adapt to different learning styles and to immersion in a foreign language. But, as USC Upstate alumni Nazar Kharivsky would say, attending college in a foreign country is a very fulfilling and rewarding challenge that reaps many long-term benefits.

Nazar is a native of Novy Rozdil, Ukraine, where his family still lives. He graduated from USC Upstate in 2006, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Nazar brilliantly overcame the challenge of learning coursework in a foreign language, as he graduated from Upstate cum laude, with honors.

Among his fondest memories of USC Upstate, Nazar recalls meeting other international students. In spite of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and native languages, these students found they had plenty in common to bond over, be it their struggles to master English, their observations of South Carolina life, or their growing pride in Spartan athletics.

Nazar found that he enjoyed life in South Carolina enough to stay after graduation, and he resides in Union. Grateful for his firm foundation in biology from USC Upstate, Nazar is currently pursuing a degree from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic.
In his free time from his studies, Nazar enjoys playing soccer and chess, snow skiing, and riding jet skis. He is looking forward to the holidays this year, when he will travel back to the Ukraine to spend time with his family.