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Thomas Belenchia '89
B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies

Thomas A BelenchiaOriginally from Shelby, Miss., a small farming community in the Mississippi Delta, Thomas Belenchia ’89 has come a long way, in more ways than one. He attended Delta State University, farmed for 15 years in the Delta, and then found himself in Spartanburg. “Since I had not attended school for almost 20 years,” he says, “USC Upstate gave me the opportunity to continue working and attend school at the same time.”

Fred Wenz and Ron Romine are professors who left a lasting impression on Belenchia, who graduated in 1989 with a B.S. in interdisciplinary studies and continued on to attend Emory University Law School.

Nowadays, Belenchia is a practicing attorney, owning and operating his own law firm at 1451 E. Main St. in Spartanburg. He is also involved with the Spartanburg Rotary Club – the lead club in the development of the Rotary Peace Park on USC Upstate’s campus. He and his wife Elizabeth reside in Spartanburg.