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In was in the driveway of his home that David Orfinik met his best friend and future wife, Lori Lombardo Orfinik. You could say that it was love at first sight. “I conducted a door-to-door survey and David’s home was my first solo stop," Lori says. "He asked me out that night.”

David and Lori Orfinik are 1990 graduates of the University of South Carolina Upstate. David earned a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing, while Lori earned a Bachelors’ Degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting. 

The Orfiniks were your typical college students; Lori was an active member of the accounting club, while David spent a majority of his time studying, working on marketing programs, and working around the clock to make extra money. However, it was the memories they made with each other that will last them forever. 

“I remember riding back and forth to school and just being able to share our daily experiences," David says. "We talked about professors, life, and where we were going for lunch. Usually, we went to Taco Bell, because it was cheap.” 

After graduating from Upstate, David and Lori found prominent jobs in their respective fields. Lori spent more than 11 years as an accountant for law firms in Orlando, Milwaukee, and Charlotte, and later for small entrepreneurial businesses in Charlotte, St. Louis, and Milwaukee.  David worked in the electrical and power-tool field as a sales and marketing leader. 

As of today, the Orfiniks are very pleased with their accomplishments and their lives. David is currently employed as the executive vice president of Technibilt, a manufacture of shopping carts and shelving equipment in Newton, NC. Lori says her current title is “mom,” and she works for her eight year-old daughter, Lauren. 

Of all their accomplishments, Lori says the most significant is “a solid marriage of almost 20 years resulting in a wonderful and confident little girl.” David says, "developing people, specifically, an individual who is now a vice president for another company, staying married to a wonderful lady for almost 20 years, and creating the best daughter in the world.”

The Orfiniks advice to students is to not be afraid and to step up and out of your comfort zone, and the courses that you are taking now will have an impact at some point during your career.