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Using the Media Import Function

echo360 gives you the option of manually adding your media files to the echo system server. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1.  Login to the Echo server. Navigate to Echoes and then click on "Media Import".
     Echo server screen shot
  2. If your Java software is out of date you may receive a message asking you to update it. Click on "Update". If you do not see this box, proceed to step 12.
      java update screenshot
  3.  You will be redirected to the Java website. Click on "Free Java Download".
     jave upload
  4. Click "Agree and Start Free Download".
     java download
  5. Click "Run".
  6. When the installer window appears, click "Install".
      java install
  7. Make sure to uncheck "Install the Ask Toolbar" if you do not want this software installed. Click "Next".
      java install
  8. If prompted, click "Close Browsers and Continue".
      java install
  9. When the install is complete, click "Close".
      java install
  10. If prompted, click "Enable" when your browser reopens to enable the Java plugin.
     enable java
  11. Log back in to echo and navigate to Media Import.
  12. Choose your Term, Course and Section. Give the media a title and description. Choose the media type (audio, audio and video or Powerpoint presentation). Click Next.
     media import
  13. Echo will check that your file meets the requirements. If you see any errors you will need to delete the file and try a different one.
      media requirement
  14. Click on Product Group and select what definition you want your video to display in. The higher the definition the jerkier it will play on slow internet connections. Click on "Start Processing".
      choose product group
  15. You will receive a message that your file has been submitted for processing. You should receive an email when this process is complete. In the meantime you can click on "Upload Another Media File" to add another file.
     media processing

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