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How to Reset Your USC Upstate Password Online

Currently enrolled students, newly accepted students and students who have been away from the University for no more than a semester can use the website password.uscupstate.edu to reset their student password. If you are unable to reset your password online, you can reset your password in person by visiting the ITS Help Desk in Administration 109. Make sure to bring your student ID card or driver's license. The Help Desk is unable to reset passwords over the phone or via email.

Faculty/Staff Password Reset

If you are on a University computer on campus, press control, alt and delete and then choose "change a password" to create a new password.

If you are off campus or using a personal computer, follow these steps: Resetting your password from off campus

Currently, faculty and staff members who have forgotten their password are unable to reset their passwords online. To reset your password you will need to either come to the help desk or contact the administrative assistant in your department to request a new password.

Step 1
Enter your USC Upstate network username in the box, as shown below. Your username is the first part of your email address (whatever comes before @email.uscupstate.edu). It is also the same as your Blackboard username. If you do not know your username, please go to https://my.sc.edu/ and click on " View my IDs and manage my passwords " under the Personal section and log in using your Self Service Carolina account information. If you are a newly accepted student, you should find your network username towards the bottom of your acceptance letter. Once you have entered your username, click the continue button.

Password.USCUpstate Enter Username

Step 2
Enter your VIP ID number in the box, as shown below. Your VIP ID number is the eight-digit, randomly assigned number used to login to Self Service Carolina. Newly accepted students should have their VIP ID number in their acceptance letter. After entering your VIP ID number, complete the Turing Test by entering the sequence of characters found at the bottom of the page in the Word Verification section, as shown below. Once you have entered your VIP ID and completed the Word Verification, click the continue button.

Password.USCUpstate EnterVIP

Step 3
Finally, enter your new password, as shown below. After entering your password in the first box, you must enter it again in the second box for verification purposes. Passwords must be at least six characters long. It is highly suggested that you don't use anything easy to guess as your password, such as your significant other's name, your pet's name, your name, your birthday, etc. Once you have entered your password in both boxes, click the reset password button once.

You will receive a confirmation that your password has been successfully reset. It may take up to a minute for the confirmation page to appear. Once you receive this confirmation, your password will have been successfully reset for your student email, on campus computer login, the campus wireless network and off campus library access. This password reset will not affect your Blackboard password or SSC password.

Password.USCUpstate Enter Password

Click here to reset your USC Upstate password online.

Still having trouble? You can contact the Help Desk at (864)503-5257, email us at helpdesk@uscupstate.edu or stop by in person in Administration 107. The Help Desk is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM.