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Parking Regulation

Parking Regulations

  1. Unless otherwise posted, the campus speed limit is 25 miles per hour; however, everyone is expected to operate vehicles in a safe manner commensurate with road and weather conditions.
  2. The definition of park is the standing of a vehicle, whether occupies or not, other than while engaged in loading or unloading.
  3. Parking is prohibited at fireplugs, fire lanes, sidewalk, or alleyways, unless otherwise indicated by signs. At no time should service drives or trash pickup areas be blocked.
  4.  Parking is permitted within lined and/or surfaced lots only, and vehicles must be within lines spaces. The fact that a person parks in violation of any law or regulation and does not receive a citation does not mean that the law or regulation is no longer in effect.
  5. Vehicles must pull into marked spaces front-end first. Backing into spaces is prohibited.
  6. USC Upstate parking lots are color coded with signs representing each parking area. Your decal must match the color- coded parking area. Failure to park in designated area will result in a $25 fine.
  7. Students - Yellow
    Residential - Red
    Faculty/Staff- Green
    Handicap - Blue
  8. Abandoned or derelict vehicles will not be permitted on University property for a period longer than 72 hours. In the event that a vehicle breaks down or runs out of gasoline while on campus, all reasonable steps should be taken to remove the vehicle from the street or other hazardous position to a parking place. In the event that a vehicle must be parked illegally, the University Police Department must be notified immediately.
  9. The University has the lawful right to remove, or have removed by impounding, any vehicle under the following conditions:
    1. Parked in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard
    2. Parked so that it impedes the operation of emergency equipment
    3. Parked so that it impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic
    4. Parked in a fire land or by a fireplug
    5. Parked in special decal parking space
    6. Parked on a yellow curb
    7. If three or more unpaid traffic violations have been issued against said vehicle;
    8. Parked in handicapped space without a permit
    9. Vehicles which have no valid license plate or permit displayed and left on USC Upstate property without permission of the University Police Department. Owners of such vehicles assume all risks involved and will be required to pay all cost in the removing, impounding and storage of such vehicles.
  10. Maintenance, service and vendor vehicles are permitted to park in yellow lined spaces or zones, or any space designated as a loading zone. These vehicles are also permitted to park for indefinite periods of time in any limited period parking space or faculty/staff areas, and to drive or park off designated roadways.
  11. Visitor spaces located at USC Upstate shall not be utilized by faculty, staff or students.

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