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Violations and Fines

Parking & Traffic Violations

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The driver and/or owner or person in whose name a vehicle is registered shall be responsible for all violations incurred by the vehicle. All students, faculty, staff and employees are subject to the schedule of penalties and fines. Penalties and/or fines are payable in person at the University Public Safety Department between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or by mail using the self-addressed lime green envelope in which the citation is enclosed. Citations may also be paid online

Schedule of Fines:

Parking Improperly$25
Parking Permit Not Displayed$25
Parking in No Parking Area/on the Grass$25
Parking in Loading or Service Zone$25
Blocking sidewalk or driveway$25
No Parking Permit for Zone$25
Parking at fireplug or in fire lane$50
Parking along Yellow Curbs$25
Parking in Reserved Spaces$25
Failure to Register$25
Parking in Handicapped Space$400
Blocking Handicapped Space Curb Cut$400
Vehicle Immobilization$75
Backing In or Pulling Through Space$25

In the event that violations are not appealed within three school days or paid within 30 days from the date of issue, the fines will be increased as prescribed.

Schedule of Penalties:  

  • $25 fine increased to $35
  • $50 fine increased to $60
  • $100 fine increased to $110

Parking violations more than 45 days past due will be forwarded to a collection agency for further collection action.

    Students who fail to pay their financial obligation to the University before the end of the semester will not be allowed to register for school or secure a transcript of records until the obligation has been cleared. Willful disregard of unpaid fines may subject the student to disciplinary action.

    Uniform Traffic Ticket, Common Fines:
    All traffic offenses will be tried at the Spartanburg County Court House.

    Violation  Fine  
    Speeding (over 10MPH) - (4 points)$100-225
    DUI 1st offense$737
    Reckless driving - (6 points)$475
    Speeding (25MPH and over)Up to $400
    Underage Possession of Alcohol$475

    Parking Resources
    Campus Parking Map
    Parking Citation
    Vehicle Immobilization Policy 

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