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Civility and Social Media

Social media has become a huge boom, almost everyone has a Facebook page or Twitter account. More people than ever can get a glimpse into your daily life so it is important to be careful what you post.

Think before you post. Would you want your parents or future employers to see the photo or remark? If the answer is no, then don’t post it.

Posting “party” photos or lewd remarks on a site when you are young can end up being the reason you get rejected for certain jobs much later in life even if you have a high GPA, internships and are actively involved on campus.

Prospective employers will check your social media sites, especially the government if you are being considered for a security clearance to work overseas or for law enforcement work.

How to protect yourself when using social media:

  • Do not assume anything is private.
  • Use all privacy settings available.
  • Use a profile that’s positive.
  • Watch what you write. Free speech does not protect hate speech or threats.
  • Do not disclose any personal info on your profile (address, phone number, housing building, schedule or holiday plans) even if only friends can see it.
  • Never give out personal information - especially on someone’s wall. 
  • Final check: Would you be proud to present your online profile and info to your family or the media?

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