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VIP (Visual Information Processing)

Students receiving financial aid or scholarships through the University must commit their financial aid and/or scholarship(s) toward their fees via VIP. VIP is the web-based program that students use to register for classes, pay fees, check grades, change personal information, see who their advisor is, etc. Access is available through the University of South Carolina Upstate web site by clicking VIP in the footer of any web page, or you can log on directly at www.vip.sc.edu.

• Learn how to register for classes 
• Apply financial aid to your bill through VIP  

When accessing the VIP System, security is assured, as the system will require your student number and your personal identification number (PIN). You determine how much is to be paid and when. Unlike a check, your fee payment on VIP cannot be lost in the mail, stolen or misplaced. Only you can approve the withdrawal of money from your account. The University cannot obtain your account balance or any other personal information unless you provide this information on the authorization agreement form.*

By using VIP to commit your financial aid, you no longer need to come on campus to pay your fees. All of your available financial aid will be listed on your bill and applied to your total bill, conveniently reducing the balance that is due from you. And remember, bills will no longer be mailed. You must pay your bill on VIP by the cancellation date.

1. Any available financial aid you are receiving will be conveniently deducted from your bill. Your bank account is never charged until you authorize it through the VIP system.

2. If you are receiving financial aid or scholarship(s), your available financial aid may exceed your USC Upstate charges. If it does, we owe you money. This overage amount will not be available for personal pick-up. Checks for any overage amount will be mailed to your home or funds electronically deposited in your bank account approximately 8 -10 days before the first day of classes. Since federal regulations prohibit the University from receiving Title IV funds any sooner than ten days before the beginning of classes, excess financial aid cannot be deposited to a student's pre-authorized checking account any earlier.

3. If your available financial aid is less than your USC Upstate charges, you owe us money. This can be paid by debiting your bank account (electronic check) or by credit card. You instruct VIP how much to debit your account or charge to your credit card. A convenience fee will be charged for credit card transactions.Your balance must be paid by the cancellation date for the semester to retain your class schedule.

If you elect to pay your fees by check, please have it postmarked no later than the stated postmark date for the semester.

Direct Deposit
To sign up for direct deposit, complete the authorization agreement form* for credit entries and return it to USC Upstate at the address on the top of the form. This only needs to be done once, and you are set for your entire time at USC Upstate. We accept applications on a continuing basis throughout the year. It's easy to switch accounts or change banks. Simply fill out a new direct deposit form. If you terminate or close your account, notify the University in writing of any changes you make concerning your financial institution.