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Faculty Excellence Committee

Committee for Faculty Excellence (TAPS)

The members of the Committee for Faculty Excellence (see list below) support and promote faculty excellence and faculty development in the areas of teaching and productive scholarship. The committee:

TAPS Grants Overview

The purpose of the USC Upstate Teaching and Productive Scholarship (TAPS) Fund is to promote good scholarship including original research projects, programs that support curriculum development and travel for presentation of scholarship. Funded projects support faculty scholarship with the goal of formal presentation and/or publication, improve pedagogy and curriculum development to contribute to the USC Upstate mission and/or enable major service projects that require application of scholarly and/or professional knowledge.


TAPS Grant Criteria and Application Forms

Policies Approved by Faculty Senate, September 2014
Format Converted to Electronic January 2015

The Electronic TAPS Grant Application in SharePoint is now available. Paper applications will no longer be accepted.


  • As you complete the form, choose save after you have completed the fields marked with a red asterisk (*). Then choose save and continue to resume working on the application or save and exit if you wish to end the session and resume work later. Saving your work early and then regularly afterwards will
  • Please note limits to character amount and types in the Project Title and Attachment fields.
  • SharePoint works best with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Please see the application instructions, including a sample project narrative and itemized budget for travel.
  • Video and checklist-based tutorials are available on the TAPS SharePoint site
  • See the TAPS Grant Complete Policies and Guidelines for more details.


Deadline for Submitting Receipts

In September 2014, the USC Upstate Faculty Senate voted to eliminate the requirement for final reports.

All recipients of TAPS grants are required to submit all receipts to their administrative assistants within 30 days of the recipient’s return from a trip or within 30 days of expenditure for non-travel grants. For recipients of TAPS grants who fail to do so or who fail to notify the committee of cancellation of a trip within 30 days after the scheduled trip, the unreported amount will be deducted from the maximum amount the recipient will be eligible to receive in the next fiscal year. Timely submission of receipts prevents the loss of funds at the end of the fiscal year. Appeals to the Committee for Faculty Excellence (formerly the Teaching Excellence Committee) will be decided based on their merits.

Please contact Dr. David Damrel, CFE Chair, or your unit representative for questions about TAPS grants or other CFE issues.

CFE Committee 2016-2017

Felicia Jenkins
19 Felicia Jenkins  (SON)
(864) 503-5412
Andrew Kearns
19  Andrew Kearns (LIB)
(864) 503-5403
Colleen O'Brien
19 Colleen O'Brien  (LLC) 
(864) 503-5678
Susan Richardson
16 Susan Richardson (INFO)
(864) 503-5674
Jack Cheng
18 Jack Cheng (JCBE)
(864) 503-5510
Matthew Donaldson
18 Matthew Donaldson (FACS)
(864) 503-5829
Lynn McMillan
18 Lynn McMillan (PSY)
(864) 503-5428
Calvin Odhiambo
18 Calvin Odhiambo (SCW)
(864) 503-5658
Stephen Bismarck
17 Stephen Bismarck (SOE)
(864) 503-7407 
David Damrel
17 David Damrel (HPPA)*
(864) 503-5798
17 Anselm Omoike (NSE)
(864) 503-5756
Amanda Schwartz
17 Amanda Schwartz (MCS)
(864) 503-5292


Chancellor Brendan Kelly
Brendan Kelly,
(864) 503-5200

Clif Flynn
Clif Flynn,
Interim Senior Vice Chancellor
(864) 503-5635
Laura Puckett-Boler 
Laura Puckett-Boler,
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
(864) 503-5108