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Faculty Excellence Awards

USC Upstate Annual Award for Faculty Excellence in Scholarly and/or Creative Pursuits

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The Annual Award for Faculty Excellence in Scholarly and/or Creative Pursuits recognizes a faculty member who has distinguished himself/herself by scholarly and/or creative activities during the preceding three calendar years, with attention to lifetime scholarly/creative achievements accomplished at USC Upstate. The annual award carries with it a monetary value of $1000. The USC Upstate Committee for Faculty Excellence selects the recipient, placing a strong emphasis on the impact of faculty activities in their areas of expertise.

Nominations are due to the CFE Chair by February 15 and candidate portfolios are due March 15. See award guidelines for further details.Brigitte Neary 2010

Recent Award Recipients:

USC Upstate Excellence in Teaching & Advising Award

The USC Upstate Excellence in Teaching and Advising Award at USC Upstate recognizes excellence in undergraduate instruction and academic advisement.

Recent Award Recipients:Greta Freeman

To view previous award recipients, click here.

Faculty Chair
Paul Grady

Faculty Chair-Elect
Holly Pae

Recording Secretary
Sarah Hunt-Barron

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