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CIS Global Distinction

In recognition of the unique personal, educational and career opportunities that international and diversity experiences can contribute to a student’s development, the Center for International Studies at USC Upstate wishes to distinguish students who successfully participate in a variety of internationally-focused activities during their academic career. Such international recognition will identify the student as having achieved Global Distinction by their senior year and awards will be presented at a special annual banquet in honor of the achievement. Awards will include a special cord for graduation, a certificate of Global Distinction and a resume support letter from the Center for International Studies.

Global Distinction Area Concentrations:

- African Studies
- Asian Studies
- European Studies
- Hispanic Studies
- International (Generalist) Studies

Area concentrations are determined by major, minor, cognate or area of study.

Global Distinction Criteria:

1) Study abroad or International internship with a minimum of one semester or two Maymester/summer sessions.
2) Volunteerism/engagement/leadership role in a local community project(s), preferably, with an international focus (10 hours minimum in a given semester).
3) Upstate Global Ambassador member: Serve as a mentor to an incoming international student for at least one semester and attend a minimum of two International Mixers. For more information on the UGA program, click HERE.
4) Study Abroad Association (SAA) member:
     - Attend/serve in at least two Study Abroad Fairs.
     - Attend/serve in at least oine Premier Fair.
     - Participate in an Upstate International Event.
     - Participate in the Spartanburg International Festival.
     - Mentor a pre-departure study abroad student.
     - Participate in a Two 2 Transform photo/essay competition post-departure.
5) Major, minor, cognate or area of study (i.e., 12 credit hours minimum abroad) in an area of international focus.
6) Attend career development workshops undertaken with Career Services.


To register for the Global Distinction, fill out of the form HERE, print the form, and schedule a meeting with the CIS office by emailing pmccleary@uscupstate.edu to drop off and discuss your application.

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