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Located in the heart of Rome along the banks of the Tiber River, John Cabot (JCU) is a liberal arts university that was founded in 1972. JCU is home to roughly 1,000 students. Although it is small in size, it still has representatives from over 60 countries. Over 130 universities from the United States send short-term, visiting students each year. The university is split into two campuses, the Guarini campus and the Tiber campus, which are within walking distance of each other. JCU is also host to the Frohring Library which is one of the largest English language libraries in Italy.

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Rome, or Roma to the locals, is one of the most recognizable cities in the world. From the Colosseum to St. Peter's Basilica, people come from everywhere to catch a glimpse of the history which spans over two and a half millennium and is considered one of the birthplaces of Western civilization. Home to over 4.2 million people in it's metropolitan area and millions of tourists, it is truly a global city.

Majors include:

  • Art History
  • Business Administration
  • Classical Studies
  • Communications
  • Economics and Finance
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Humanistic Studies
  • International Affairs
  • International Business
  • Italian Studies
  • Marketing
  • Political Science   

Language of Instruction: English

Eligibility Requirements: Sophomore standing or higher and a 2.75 GPA

Length of Study: Semester or year

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