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Contacts for Assistance

 Eric Swearengin, Web developer, at ext. 5265

  • Syllabi database assistance
  • Content Management System assistance
  • Custom online forms
  • Creation of new Web pages
  • Technology internships

Les Duggins, photographer, at ext. 5591

  • Faculty and staff photographs
  • Event photography

Veronica Quick, graphic designer, at ext. 5013

  • Layout and graphic design assistance
  • To request logos
  • Assistance in working with professional printers
  • Graphic design internships

Carolyn Farr Smith, public information specialist, at ext. 7419

  • Proofreading and editing
  • Submit news info or faculty accomplishments to The Newsroom
  • Submissions for the Master Calendar
  • Media clippings

Kathy Nelson, web content coordinator, at ext. 5081

  • Updates needed to Web pages
  • Content Management System assistance
  • Creation of new Web pages
  • Questions about the home page
  • Social media initiatives

Tammy Whaley, director, at ext. 5210 

  • New communications projects for your department
  • For media releases and stories that should be pitched to the media, such as unique classroom
  • projects, outstanding student accomplishments, etc.
  • Overall marketing, advertising, etc.
  • Photos for marketing purposes